Close-But-Not-Quite-Top-100 Prospects To Watch

Very fortunate to have Jim Callis here in the community, so take a look at his new entry about other prospects who weren’t quite able to crack the Top 100. Then blog alongside Jim & other PRO bloggers at

Callis' Corner

We released the Top 100 Prospects list on Friday, and as always, there wasn’t enough room to include everyone I like. With that in mind, I’ve listed below (alphabetically) 20 more prospects who have caught my eye, some of whom made my personal Top 100 but couldn’t crack the official list once I combined my choices with Jonathan Mayo’s and we got feedback from industry sources.

A year ago, I identified 15 prospects as the Cream Of The Not-Quite-Top-100 Crop. That group included Phillies shortstop J.P. Crawford, Reds outfielder Jesse Winker, who have soared all the way to Nos. 21 and 26 on the current Top 100.

Ozhaino Albies, ss, Braves. A younger version of Jose Peraza — with a stronger arm that would enhance his chances of staying at shortstop if Andrelton Simmons weren’t in Atlanta — who hit .364/.446/.444 when he made his U.S. debut at…

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