To Absent Friends…Richard Durrett

Nice tribute to a fellow baseball writer and blogger. Also please see TR’s more recent post specifically about Richard Durrett’s memorial fund and pass it around…

Postcards From Elysian Fields

Richard Durrett, 1975-2014 Richard Durrett, 1975-2014
I am in the heart of the world’s greatest city and my heart is somewhere else.

It is in a bar in Surprise, Arizona.

It is Spring Training all over again and we have just finished another long hot day in the desert, hanging around a clubhouse, asking redundant questions and writing 2,000 words or more about stuff that for the most part will be irrelevant once this regular season begins.

I am sitting at the bar with some of the best friends a baseball writer could ever have. I am sitting there with Jeff Wilson, Drew Davison and Anthony Andro.

Richard Durrett is there as well.

There is a game on television. It could be the NBA, the NHL or college basketball. I have no clue what it is about. I only know baseball, the San Francisco 49ers and the University of San Francisco. Anything else…

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