Pro Blogs of the Day

These are some of the latest PRO posts within the Major League Baseball family. If you have a post of your own you want to feature, make sure to leave a link in the comments below.

  • Groundskeeper extraordinaire Murray Cook shares some natural grass facts for sports.
  • Vine Line Blog details the Cubs’ plans for the upcoming Wrigley Field 100th birthday festivities.
  • Better Off Red collected some Twitter reactions to Johnny Cueto’s dominating performance.
  • Following another mammoth blast by Giancarlo Stanton, Glenn Geffner looks at his numbers.
  • The Newberg Report shares the amazing story of Rangers starter Robbie Ross, Jr.’s journey.
  • Corey Brock explores why Chase Headley and the Padres failed to agree on an extension.
  • The Cutoff Man explains how the Yankees will be honoring Nelson Mandela with a plaque.
  • John & Cait‘s latest food review from the offerings at Miller Park now is live in their blog.
  • Spring intern Kaitlyn McNicholas checks in with an update to the MLBPAA Intern Insider.
  • Matt’s Bats has the story of some big homers at a celebrity softball game in Bethesda.

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