Opening Day in Houston

I just wrote about 70,000 words, told more Opening Day stories than any single book ever had, built what was essentially a living e-book over months, and as of moments ago all 30 teams finally have a win or loss. It started with a countdown on Jan. 31 at 51 days till Sydney (featuring Ichiro), and became a liveblog through the MLB Opening Series, Sunday’s Opening Night at San Diego, 13 Opening Day games, and then a final Tuesday Opening Day game marking the start of Derek Jeter’s farewell tour. See all the firsts on Grand Openings,’s official Opening Day blog, at

Grand Openings

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter got his 3,317th hit, got plunked, and got his final season started. Nolan Ryan threw to Craig Biggio, and Scott Feldman threw like every Houston fan hopes he will again. Dexter Fowler got it all started for Houston with doubles in his first two ABs as an Astro, Jesus Guzman went deep, Jose Altuve pestered the visitors and they were happy in Texas. Now every team has played a regular season game and nobody is 0-0 in the Standings. We have all the firsts . . . .

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