Opening Day

Join me on our Grand Openings liveblog. What an incredible day so far. The first walk-offs, the first grand slam, the first Replay Review challenges, the first blown save, all the first hits and runs and special moments. Join me in comments there at

Grand Openings

PNC Park, site of Pirates 1, Cubs 0

Today’s Games | Watch live on MLB.TV

First Replay Review challenge by a manager: Jeff Samardzija bunts into a 1-5-4 double play after the Cubs mount a rally in the top of the fifth at Pittsburgh. Rick Renteria challenges, and the call is upheld.

First Replay Review reversal of 2014: Pirates manager Clint Hurdle keeps his until the top of the 10th in that same game, and Bryan Morris picks off Bonifacio. The runner is initially called safe, but upon further review, he’s out. It took 2:30 for the review.

So far we’ve quickly seen our first walk-offs thanks to an Alex Gonzalez single in the ninth for Detroit and then a 10th-inning homer by Neil Walker to provide the only run in Pittsburgh; our first grand slam byJimmy Rollins; a successfully managerial debut for Brad Ausmus and Matt Williams; our first run-scoring wild pitch; our first immediate comeback from 6-0…

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