Dodgers 3, D-backs 1 in Game 1

Introducing our new Grand Openings blog at I set my alarm for 3:50 am ET, started reskinning the Opening Day Countdown Down Under blog, and over the next hours recorded firsts in a celebration of the return of real Major League Baseball action. Follow this blog!

Grand Openings

Clayton Kershaw

After more than 50 days of an Opening Day Countdown Down Under, we’ve put up some new decorations on this blog for the regular season and we introduce you to Grand Openings — part of the overall coverage of Major League Baseball’s 2014 season-openers. It all starts with the historic MLB Opening Series happening now in Sydney, Australia, so let’s look at some of the first firsts:

First win of MLB season: Dodgers 3, D-backs 1.

First winning pitcher: Clayton Kershaw (1-0), making it four consecutive Dodger wins when he starts on Opening Day. And first photograph (above, great shot by Matt King for MLB Photos via Getty Images) of a winning pitcher delivering a pitch with a huge dirt stain on his knee thanks to sliding into second base trying to stretch a single just moments before, ultimate gamer moment.

First losing pitcher: Wade Miley (0-1).


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