Our first pitch: It’s time for Dodger Insider

Please welcome the first major addition to the MLB.com Blogs community in 2014: DODGERS INSIDER. Jon Weisman is part of a group from the Dodgers’ front office that has begun regular posting on the PRO blog, and it will be THE blog destination for the club’s fans. dodgerinsider.mlblogs.com

Dodger Insider

By Jon Weisman

Welcome to Dodger Insider!

We intend for this blog to quickly become a new destination for comprehensive Dodger coverage. Everything in the Dodger universe, from what’s happening on and off the field to the scoop on tickets, promotions and events in the community, you’ll find highlighted here. We’ll have interviews, video highlights, analysis, think pieces and more. We hope to be a reference guide for the casual and hardcore fan alike.

For those who know me from Dodger Thoughts, the big change will be that I’m no longer a one-man band. We’ll have contributions from several in the organization and insider access.

Monday is launch day. Get ready to enjoy the ride.

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A big welcome to Jon! I am very excited that you have joined the MLB Blog family! Welcome aboard!

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