The 109th World Series

Greetings from Boston! Who do you like, Cardinals or Red Sox? What are the matchup edges in this rare matchup of best records by league? What are you looking forward to? It all starts Wednesday night on FOX.

This is the 18th one I’ve worked, and Joe Carter’s HR landing in front of me in ’93 probably ranks on top. How about your best WS memory, in person or broadcast? Please leave comments here with Permalink to your Fall Classic posts so we can promote.



This is worse than WWE!!! Rigged if I ever saw it!

Red Sox in the Halloween World Series: Watch out for our Wicked Pitch

For some reason the address did not post.
Then go down to cover songs-“The Beard Song” Red Sox Edition

Love the Sox. Just saw a wonderful video about the Sox Beards on youtube.

The site is on Miss Laney Jones site who is a local Berklee student. If you are a Sox fan-check it out (really great)

Even though my Yankees have no role in the 2013 Series, I’ve managed to come up with a Pinstripe Birthday Bog Post that integrates Bronx Bomber history with the traditions of the two teams that do.

My favorite World Series moment has to be attending my 1st World Series last year, Game 1 in San Francisco, Giants vs. Tigers. I was just happy to finally be able to cross this off my list, but to be able to see Pablo Sandoval crank out 3 home run in one game was very special!

Dodger fan still reeling here…LOL. As much as it pained me, I still dug up the courage to make my WS picks. I’m a NL guy, I gotta stick with the Cardinals. Cards in 6.

I haven’t been a major baseball fan for long, so David Freese hitting the walk-off home run in the bottom of the eleventh to force a game seven in the 2011 World Series is probably my greatest Fall Classic memory. As far as this season’s World Series goes, I have the Cardinals winning in six games.

Hey Mark!
Here’s my take on, Bleacher Boy! Sadly, I’ve got Cards all the way….I despise them.
-David S.

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