Pro Blogs of the Day

These are some of the latest PRO posts within the Major League Baseball family. If you have a post of your own you want to feature, make sure to leave a link in the comments below.

  • Baseball with Matt profiles Hall of Famer Luke Appling, the man with as many career hits as career aches.
  • Monarchs to Grays to Crawford highlights the sensational career of Negro Leagues legend Oscar Charleston.
  • Tigers beat writer Jason Beck examines what happens when hitting mistakes meet postseason pitching.
  • As Bryce Harper turns 21, Curly W Live has a 21-themed countdown in honor of the Nationals’ star outfielder.
  • John & Cait share video and photos of the renovation work under way at Miller Park as new turf is put down.
  • Mariners Care raised over $1.3 million for charity in 2013 and From the Corner of Edgar & Dave shares details.
  • Dallas Latos shares her recipe for non-traditional shepherd’s pie on her So I Married a Baseball Player blog.
  • Cubs Vine Line Blog‘s Remembering 1998 series concludes with a look back at the 1998 NLDS.

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