PRO Blogs of the Day

These are some of the latest PRO posts within the Major League Baseball family. If you have a post of your own you want to feature, make sure to leave a link in the comments below.

  • White Sox VP Scott Reifert has a personal connection to a finalist for the People Magazine/MLB Tribute for Heroes.
  • The June issue of Vine Line has a Q&A with Rob Deer, and there’s a preview of the interview in their blog.
  • TribeVibe continues their “Ask the Tribe” series with part two of their crowdsourced questions for Indians.
  • With the Brew Crew on the road, John and Cait have a recommendation for fans looking to get their baseball fix.
  • MLBPAA interns discuss their work on the Heart and Hustle Award and take a look back at last year’s winner.
  • SF Giants Photos highlights the impressive list of first basemen who have represented the club in the All-Star Game.
  • Ned Yost had a media session ahead of the series with the Tigers and Around the Horn in KC has details.
  • Teenage Pro Blogger Matt Nadel takes a look back at his all-time favorite Hall of Fame teammate duos.

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I wanted to post my recent podcast interview with Matt Stairs here. I figured that since he played for 13 teams, this would be the best place to post:

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