My longtime friend and former San Jose Mercury News and (later) colleague Jim Street has a new book out looking back at life from the press box. My colleague and blogger TR Sullivan just reviewed it for and for our official Books Blog. First, I want to make sure you see the review, so reblogging it here. Second, I want to make sure you know about our books blog. We launched it not just for reviews, but also for YOUR reviews. If you want to review any baseball book on your Blog, please just leave a comment here with the Permalink, and we may excerpt the top of the post on our books blog and reviewer name with link to the full review, as we did with this one. Happy reading and reviewing!

Baseball Books

jimsteetbookby T.R. Sullivan/

Ichiro Suzuki is a great hitter, but he is also the man behind an iron façade. Few know much about him other than the fact he has been a hit machine in his 12 years in the Major Leagues.

Former beat reporter and long-time baseball writer Jim Street offers readers insights into the personality of Suzuki — and other players, coaches, managers and executives — in his entertaining and recently published memoir, “Life From the Press Box.” Read the full article

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Great idea, Mark. I read lots of baseball books, so this sounds like a nice opportunity. I’ve listed them on my Good Reads widget, too.

I wrote something about the Jays and Expos check it out🙂
would love to get more feedback on it

I don’t really like how I wrote when I wrote it, but here’s a book review I did almost two years ago:

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