New PRO blogs for 2012 openers

Headsup on new PRO blogs to follow:

The Mariners and Athletics get us started in 2012 with the Japan Opening Series on Wednesday and Thursday, and now is a good time to dive into Ian Kay’s Far East Division and Oakland’s Athletics in Japan blogs with lots of behind-the-scenes posting. Also check out the Seattle front office’s From the Corner of Edgar & Dave and Bob Rose’s Clubhouse Confidential.

The Cleveland Indians front office announces the launch of Tribe Vibe. It will be chock-full of inside access straight from the people who run the show, and among the posts is an ASK THE INDIANS series that will feature spotlight Q&As with club personnel, such as their manager of Arizona operations.

Also wanted to give a shoutout to Scot Drucker, who blogs about his decision to hang up the spikes after a Minors career that included 2009-10 with the Tigers’ Triple-A affiliate in Toledo. He has been on Blogs the past two years and hope he’ll keep blogging.

Tell us about any cool new fan blogs you have seen…


Oh, I’ll tell you about a cool blog to read this week! The Baseball Collector, Zack Hample and myself will be in Japan (we actually already are here) snagging baseballs and watching the Mariners/Athletics baseball game in the Tokyo Dome! I’ll have my blog entry up in a matter of hours following the game…and you can read all about it here!

And of course, Zack has already been blogging about his time in Japan!

Thanks a lot for the shout out. I am staying involved in the game and will make the announcement shortly once everything is finalized. And I will continue to blog. All the best to you

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