Around Blogs – Baseball Is Back


Welcome to SF Giants Photos, a blog launched a couple of weeks ago by Missy and Suzanna in the Giants’ Photography department. As you can see already, it will be a blast to follow.

Congrats to my colleague Britt Ghiroli on her second anniversary today as our beat reporter covering the Orioles. She talks about it in Britt’s Bird Watch.

Welcome columnist and MLB Network studio analyst Mitch Williams to Blogs. Wild Things promises to have a lot of opinion from the former World Series closer, so jump right in and leave him comments.

If you love to blog, then you probably also have a Tumblr. Be sure you are following Drawn to MLB – the official Tumblr of Major League Baseball. We started it here at MLB Advanced Media around the Super Bowl and so far the response has been pretty incredible.

Check out The Brewer Nation‘s regular series, Brewers by the (Jersey) Number. Great idea…might want to do that with your team!

Mariners fans love their new front-office blog, which is now renamed as From the Corner of Edgar & Dave.

David Rhode and our friends at Pitch In For Baseball have relaunched their blog in a big way, updated with timely posts that take you inside their important organization. PIFB gets new or gently used baseball equipment to communities in need, and I encourage anyone reading this to get involved in a really great cause.

New Phillies Ballgirls, new trading cards, new post.

Thanks to our buddy Tommy Lasorda for posting all those pictures from last weekend’s big Latino Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony in the Dominican Republic, including the ones with him and Bernie Williams and Bobby V et al. In case we don’t say this enough, everyone should know that Tommy saved the first-ever Blogs post back in April 18, 2005 — a tribute to his friend Jackie Robinson. We have all literally been following Tommy ever since.

Keith Olbermann’s Baseball Nerd is always around the top of our Latest Leaders, but in case you are not on top of things there lately, check in and see what KO had to say about the batter who allegedly ran to third base, and also his post about Steve Carlton 40 years ago.

Fantasy draft chatter is pretty hot. Make sure you subscribe to MLB Fantasy 411 and Bloomberg Sports blogs here unless for some reason you don’t want an edge in your league.

How is your Blog going? Please let us know in the comments and always be sure to include your full URL there so we can easily click on it and follow you over there. Help us surface cool blogs by bringing them to our attention in the comments here as well. And remember to sign up for MLB.TV so you will blog smarter than everyone else.


love mLBlogs part of my life check out my blog @

Put up a new post this evening about memories, wats ur favorite baseball memory?

I’m loving MLBlogs so far and just joined. Excited for baseball to come back. Check out my blog

I’ve been writing Cup of Coffee (a Yankees blog)for a couple years, but I changed it up a bit this year. Every morning I will do a “Morning Coffee & Links” with links to the best stories of the day from Yankees beat writers as well as my own analysis.

Sons of Schmidt is a Phillies blog, one of many but one of a kind. Check it out today with podcasts coming soon!

Come check out Brewers Today. Just this morning Yovani Gallardo was named our 2012 Brewer to Watch. Come read and comment in below and tell me your player in the league you are excited to watch in 2012.

Getting ready for Spring Training and talking Twins baseball! Check out Twins Notes at

Great to see the MLBlogosphere get ready for another exciting year of baseball! Check out The Rays Rant-

Needless to say it was a tough day for us around MLB, as with fans, not long after this post. Please feel free to share your condolences and memories on our guestbook blog in the wake of Gary Carter’s passing. It is at – was a great guy to be around when I was a Giants beat writer in 1990 for the SJ Merc and he was trying to hand on toward the end of his illustrious career. Will miss The Kid greatly.

Hey everyone! Starting on the first of March and going throughout the month, I am going to preview each and every MLB team for the upcoming season! (one a day) you can find me at

I tottaly agree with Benny. The Brewers by the Jersey is amazing. I was wondering if you could check mine out

Thank you for the compliment. I’ll click your link post haste!

I really appreciate the mention, Mark! Thanks for noticing the series.

If anybody is thinking of following my footsteps, the only trick involved is when NRIs or new additions are assigned really high jersey numbers. If you don’t get that info early, you miss a few posts. Or, they add a spring-training invitation after the fact like happened to me this year with #79 Dan Merklinger.

You guys are great. I really like your Brewers by the jersey numbers segment. It is cool way to learn about new players. Keep it up, I’m enjoying reading.
Brewers Today-

Thanks a lot Benny!

Currently sitting down to write up February 17th’s piece on Yovani Gallardo.

I just joined up with MLBlogs, loving it so far.

Thanks for the shout out! We’re excited to showcase our photos and Giants events throughout the year.

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