Latest Leaders – July 2011

UPDATED 8/9: Here are traffic tips on how to make next month’s Latest Leaders.

Latest Leaders’s Trade Buzz Blog was the dominant force among in July, with 24/7 entries by 30 MLB beat reporters. Remember: It morphs with the schedule, becoming the Hot Stove Blog. Welcome to some bloggers* like Soxoholics and You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls! who found our MLB themes.

Leaders in the community based on page views from July 1-31:

1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
4. Red State Blue State
5. Counting Baseballs
6. Phillies Phollowers
7. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
8. Rockin’ Redlegs
9. Rowland’s Office
10. The Ballpark Guide
11. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
12. The Rays Rant
13. Beisbol 007
14. The Phanatic Addict
15. Pinstripe Birthdays
16. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
17. The Pittsburgh Peas
18. Reds Country
19. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
20. Dodgerfilms
21. This is a very simple game…
22. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
23. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees
24. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
26. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
27. Observing Baseball
28. Soxoholics
29. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
30. The Unbiased MLB Fan
31. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
32. Rockpile Rant
33. The Cutoff Man
34. The Yankee Dinosaur
35. Major League Baseball Prospective
36. baseballqueen
37. The Three Bs
38. dsmsja
39. The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
40. Stuck On Prospects
41. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
42. Major League Ballhawk
43. Art of the Pale Hose
44. Collection of Baseball
45. Rox Addict
46. Blue Jays Nest
47. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
48. Phillies Red Pinstripes
49. Strictly Cubs Baseball
50. All Things Pirates: Breaking down the Buccos

MLB PRO | Full Roster
1. Trade Buzz Blog
2. Better Off Red
3. Fantasy 411
4. Alyson’s Footnotes
5. Beat the Streak Report
6. The WELL WISHES FOR GARY Official Greeting Card
7. Bloomberg Sports
8. Inside the Dodgers
9. Baseball Nerd – Keith Olbermann
10. The Byrd’s Nest – Marlon Byrd
11. John & Cait…Plus Nine
12. Ben’s Biz Blog
13. Blogs Central (lol)
14. CastroTurf
15. Tommy Lasorda’s World
16. Around the Horn in KC
17. Padre Knows Best
18. Heard It From Hoard
19. Great Scot!
20. The Veteran and the Rook – Mark DeRosa & Brandon Belt
21. ‘Riders Insider Blog
22. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful – Jonathan Mayo
23. Inside the White Sox
24. Newberg Report
25. Phillies Insider
26. Rattler Radio
27. Curly W Live
28. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
29. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
30. The D-blog
31. The LumberBlog
32. *touch* ’em all
33. ‘Cats Corner
34. The USA Baseball 16U Blog
36. Comerica Park, 48201
37. The USA Baseball 14U Blog
38. Dodgers Photog Blog
39. Ozzie Speaks – Ozzie Guillen
40. Kara’s Hot Corner
41. Our Game – By Official MLB Historian John Thorn
42. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
43. Clubhouse Confidential
44. Is this thing on?
45. Above the Plate
46. Bird Droppings
47. Yard Work
48. Padres hispanos
49. Torii’s Storiis – Torii Hunter
50. Cooperstown Chatter

1. Bowman’s Blog
2. The Zo Zone
3. Beck’s Blog
4. Mark My Word
5. Brew Beat
6. All Nats All the Time
7. Muskat Ramblings
8. Haft-Baked Ideas
9. Postcards From Elysian Fields
10. Bombers Beat
11. Britt’s Bird Watch
12. Tag’s Lines
13. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
14. Brownie Points
15. Major League Bastian
16. North of the Border
17. Mariners Musings
18. rallymonkeys
19. The Fish Pond
20. Mets Cetera

Note: We’ve omitted the blogs using MLB themes that have no baseball content, and MLBloggers are reminded that they will only be tracked for Latest Leaders traffic if they are using an MLB theme.


Any word when the August leaders will be up?

It goes by total page views in a calendar month. The more traffic to your site, the higher your name will rise on the list. That is why it is important to travel around the mlblogsphere and read and comment on other people’s work, plus providing timely posts of your own to build up a stable and returning readership. I know I publicize my posts on Facebook, Twitter and through Networked Blogs (via Facebook). The more you get your writing out there, the more people will want to read your posts.

Thank you, I really appreciate the tip too. I started to use publicize for my twitter a few days ago. I’m not doing as well as last month, but I’m starting to comment on a lot of mlblogs and the traffic is slowly getting up there. (The Rays Rant)

Somebody please answer this question: Does anyone know if the monthly leaders goes by how many hits you get in a month, or how many total hits all-time until the end of that month?
Check out The Rays Rant:

Total page views per month.

Anyone know about how many views per day you need to make it on the list. I know it’ll probably vary month to month, but I was just wondering.

Congrats to all the July leaders. Hopefully I’ll be able to crack the top 50 this month while in the big sandbox. Look for Innings in Iraq. And yes, I am a soldier–Cavalry Scout to be exact. Definitely going to miss going to the ballpark while I’m over there, that’s for sure!

#7… wow, thank you to everyone who reads and comments! And congratulations to all on the list!

…and, apparently, I fail at posting links. How about a deal: you guys expand the tracking to other themes, and I’ll learn how to spell. Cool?


I agree with Greg; going to WordPress was a great idea but if we can’t experiment with different themes w/o losing some of the feel-good recognition here, it seems like a bit of a letdown. Maybe a wider variety of MLB themes could be offered, if you insist on us using them.


Congrats to all on the list! I enjoyed my time there in 2010 and still hoping to make it back to the nifty fifty sometime in 2011. Stop by, make a comment or two, love to hear from one and all!
World Series 41, Rangers Fan 1

I’m new here. I first want to say I think it’s great that MLBlogs exists. Love baseball – love to write. I’m currently on a mission to slowly but surely visit various major and minor league parks throughout the country which started at Spring Training, as well as give commentary on the game via my blog which began as a basic WordPress account here –
I was hoping some of you might check it out help spread the word if you like it. I’ve also enjoyed the blogs I’ve visited from many of you who do what we do. Thanks, Scott

Congrats to all of the July latest leaders! It’s great to see so many of the old familiar faces back on the list this month and some new ones too. I see a lot of good reading in my future.
Many thanks to everyone who continues to read my blog!
— Kristen

Agreed! I feel the same way!

Nice work Kirsten!

I decided to go ahead and switch my Hoppers Fan ( blog back to an official theme and see if I can garner up enough readers to crack the board by the end of the season.

I’ve also created an MLBlog that might have wider general appeal: Baseball Haiku ( I’ve been doing this on my personal Twitter all season, but I realized that MLBlogs would be a perfect home for it. Every day, I peruse the baseball news on searching for an interesting story. When I find one, I write a haiku about it. The result is baseball news of the day, in seventeen syllables.

I moved all my baseball haiku to the blog and going forward, I will be updating the blog with a new haiku every day, as well as continuing to post them to my Twitter stream. I’d love for the MLBlogs community to take a look at my haiku and chime in with your thoughts. And if you see a good baseball news story that you’d like to see in a haiku, I take requests.😉

-greg <– Greensboro Grasshoppers fan blog <– Baseball Haiku

Good job, y’all! We have THE best sports blogging community out there! Pats on backs to errrrrrrybody!
–Jeff & Al

Congrats to all that made the list!!! Thanks Mark for featuring my Wrigley Regular blog during this past month. I didn’t make the top 50, but did pick up a few readers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make any posts during the time I was featured but it was nice to see my picture on the front page.

Ok, so I was going to do a post on #23 Kirk Gibson but now I see I am #22. OK, that is cool too! Our ace,Mr. Sunshine, Clayton Kershaw!

Made the top 50 for the second month in a row. Thanks to everyone who visited this month and hope to move up even further for August.

Go Jays.

I’ll be in Anaheim tomorrow and Thursday looking to catch Jim Thome’s 600th career dinger. I know he is at 597 but a baseball fan can dream, right?

Check out my blog!

Good luck and thanks for the headsup!

Trade Deadline, Hot Dog Days of Summer and a lot of great blogs making moves….That is the essence of Summer. Been a blast to again post, visit and also comment with so many of you. Noticing people visit, but do not comment as much anymore. Go for it! Leave a comment, we all love feedback, conversation and maybe even a little back-and forth discussions.
Thank you again to everyone who pops by, peeks in or finds the urge to return to my little MLB abode. Hit 1,111 blogs posts and still have the vitality for 1,111 more….Look forward to cruising the blog list again this month and see some new faces.

I still strongly suggest that everyone leave your full URL within any comment on an MLBlog post, so that there is a very prominent link back to your blog. It is more obvious than the small point size of author’s name as a clickback. You should be in the habit of always leaving your full URL in comments. It works.

I kind of feel like the appropriate response to this comment is to say: Hey everyone, go visit

Thanks to all for helping Soxoholics make what will hopefully be its first of many Latest Leader appearances. Number 29! Congrats to everyone.

Bob and Emilio: Soxoholics

Todd! I noticed that this is the highest you’ve been! You worked hard for it! Congratulations! Well deserved.
Congratulations to all here, vets and rooks. With as little as I have posted I am happy to be #23! Kirk Gibson’s #!!! I love it!!!!! Will do dedication to him. But before that, if you have not, take a look at the videos I took of Wes Parker at the SABR41 convention! Wish some players would have the passion Wes has for the game. I hope he will continue to do community work for the Dodgers, disrergarding the current owner’s issues.
Congratulations to This is a Simple Game! #22! Kershaw’s #!!
I am planning to be in New York the 20th. Going to Citi Field for an event there!

Congrats to all!

Can you make ALL of the blogs on this list hyperlinks so I can read them? Only some are links. Thanks!

Hope to make it someday!

Go Yankees!

Congratulations to all the leaders!

I know this has been discussed quite a bit in the comments for last month’s Latest Leaders. I don’t mean to reopen a can of worms if the issue is completely closed, but I hope there’s a way to get closer to the perfect-world scenario you described a couple of posts ago of being able to experiment with WP themes and being tracked for Latest Leaders.

My blog, Hoppers Fan, is about the Greensboro Grasshoppers, the Low-A affiliate for the Marlins. I’m in my 2nd year of blogging here, and have been having a great time doing so. I’ve always hoped to crack the Latest Leaders board, which I figured would be a particular challenge for a minor league blogger.😉

I am excited about the switch to WordPress — I think it’s a much better blogging platform that what SixApart offers. Then, when we were encouraged to to explore all the themes out there, I jumped at the opportunity to do some more customization for my blog. I didn’t realize that by doing so, I’d be “leaving the community.” In fact, the May Latest Leaders post implied that non-MLB themed blogs would continue to be considered to be part of the community: “Reminder to please be sure to provide navigation back to this blog and if you opt for a non-MLB theme within now that we’ve moved our blogs there.”

Not knowing the technical details behind how the MLBlogs are identified as being in the community now, other than knowing that it appears to require using one of the MLB-themes, I wonder if there’s a way to identify blogs even if they change themes. Apparently, retaining the suffix is not sufficient to differentiate them. Perhaps a “web badge” can be created for use in non-mlblogs-themed blogs. Bloggers who want to continue to identify with the community can display that badge somewhere on their blog (I’d put it in my sidebar, e.g.). If javascript in the mlblogs themes is what is being used for the tracking, perhaps similar javascript can be attached to the web badge. Even better than a web badge for the sidebar would be adding the “MLBlogs Network: Official Affiliate / Unofficial Opinions” banner to the top of WP themes. I realize that doing that would probably require each blogger to make some by-hand customizations to their WP themes, which might be a technical challenge for some. But if enough of us are interested in doing that, I’m sure we can create a tutorial for what is required. I’m not afraid to poke around at simple WP theme customizations.

I would love to see a solution emerge that would allow those of us who are taking advantage of the new themes offered by WordPress be able to continue to be considered part of the mlblogs community. The MLBlogs community is defined by more than a theme.

I love being part of the community, even though my blog is about a minor league team. Thanks for everything you’re doing to develop and maintain a great community of bloggers here and make this an exciting place to be blogging.

-greg, aka Hoppers Fan

Thanks for the feedback, forwarded along for internal consideration. So: Tropical Jersey Night or Jimmy Buffett Night at the home of the Hoppers? We run that site, too.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to Tropical Jersey Night. We’ll see if my pockets are deep enough to come home with one of the game-worn jerseys from the auction.

Glad I switched back to the MLB theme. Disappearing from the list after making it for months of making it, fueled my fire, and I’m back. #15.

Go Phillies!

Congrats to usual suspects, and welcome to all the newbies! Great job everyone!

Wow – this is certainly the highest we’ve ever been on the list. Thanks to those who have helped put us up there this month. Great to see many of my favorite blogs on this list. Go Mariners!

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