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Speaking of hot…make sure you are all over the Trade Buzz Blog. It’s our hottest blog and interest is spiking hourly now, with six-figure daily traffic expected in the final days. All 30 traveling beat reporters post to it with what they are hearing leading up to the July 31 Trading Deadline, plus a roundup. You can subscribe to it, and also remember that all 30 of the beat reporters have their own individual MLBlogs as well. Stay subscribed to this one, because after the season it morphs back into the Hot Stove blog. PRO BLOGS >

Did you see what The Pittsburgh Peas posted this week? Sometimes a picture says it all.

Check out the nice promo Russel got for his Wrigley Regular blog. Feel free to request something along those lines in the comments here, and we’ll see what we can do. One upside of our relaunch this season was the expansion from one to six panels on the media wall.

To answer Catherine and BlueJaysNest among others in the comments, we are working on bringing back a Recently Active Blogs list and hope to hear something on that during the second half of this season. I was told before the All-Star break that this will be doable. Please post lots of comments here, and feel free to do so every time you post. It’s another way people can see you.

Thanks for all the (impassioned) discussion about the Latest Leaders. All points well-taken. In a perfect world you would have this awesome dashboard plus the ability to experiment with all the WP themes and always be tracked for Latest Leaders traffic. Alas, you need to keep the MLB theme for us to be able to measure your page views, otherwise you are part of the millions of WP blogs at that point and MLB Advanced Media cannot track your traffic. Other great benefits of having as our partner is their blog support for you ( customer service does not support MLBlogs), and the overall promotion of Baseball, with so many bloggers finding our themes. Some of those will make their way into Latest Leaders going forward as the community evolves.

We keep an updated roster of MLB players on Twitter. There’s a blog for that.

Tell us about some great MLBlogs you have seen lately…


I’m a 23 year old California girl who loves the Phillies and am on my way to becoming the next Hazel Mae. I try to literally “put my voice” in my writing, making it a little funny while getting down to business. My goal is to make people who don’t even like baseball like my blog, and I think it’s working. The Phillies Girl Tells All is one I think a lot of people will enjoy. Check it out

I would love some promo-help like Russel had! I even have an extra “L”. – Russell

Getting the Recently Active Blogs list back would be a great start. I know that I really enjoyed browsing through that list daily before the switch. Thanks for taking our thoughts into consideration.


same here with my blog I don’t really see a lot of active Cardinals blogs on here. Cardinal fans where are you! lol

The recently active blogs list sounds neat, I love the WordPress format, a lot easier to use.🙂

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