Pregame warmups!

8:13 pm ET update: Very close to ready…you may see your blog now but are waiting for the WordPress activation email. URLs will stay the same, conversion still in progress. Almost there, stay tuned and thanks again for your patience…

4:38 pm ET update: We are basically just dragging the infield now, preparing the field for thousands of MLBloggers to get back to work!

The conversion is just about complete, looking for any last bugs. Thank you again for your patience. I can tell you from a weekend of approving 100s of comments via mobile app on an MLBlog that our new WordPress platform rocks!

Will be back shortly with the Play Ball shout and everything you need to know on this end. Please be sure you have read everything in the last post as well.


word press does is telling me my user id is invalid. I’m using the one they sent me. I even reset my password and it still does not work. Getting a little upset and very frustrated. Word Press not responding to me either. Any help would be appreciated.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Thanks for all of the help and ongoing info. Hopefully, I will figure out all of the good wordpress stuff soon!

The hit counter I had and little widget that showed how many visitors I’ve had is gone. Is there anyway of retrieving that? It was in my old header.

The spacing in my posts is messed up. Any tips?

I will try and remain positive until it is time to not be…positive.
So my post from 12:00 am May 13th somehow got partially deleted…Will it come back?
Only a small portion of the photos I have take time and energy added to blogs are not uploading/ showing…..Will they eventually return?
And last, is the sidebar going to stay at the bottom of the blog, or will we have to reconstruct it with the Word Press tools?
I know it is early, but I am a bit concerned…….

Also, anyone know how to contact support? I click the contact link and get this:
“Pardon the interruption while we work on some contact form updates. We’ll be back soon!

The Forums are still available for general questions and help.”

Again, everyone please sit tight. We are not finished converting the blogs. You’ll know it when you see the Play Ball post. Until then please do not hit up support. Thanks.

Hi Jenn — Paul here, from Sorry for the confusion, but the fact that you’re currently logged into your account means you’ve gone ahead and activated your blog. You should be all set to resume blogging.

My activation email came, but here is what I get:
“Activate your account:
We’re sorry, but we cannot find any user matching this activation key.”


My blog is linked to the wrong account. I have called support and nothing has happened. Please help!


Mine too. I found this piece on WordPress Support about moving your blog to a new account, so that’s what I’ll be trying (creating a new account just for my blog and moving it over to that).

Emily, could you also get in touch through ? I can help you track down the issue if you send over your username and blog URL.

Thanks for your response, Paul. I was able to work out the issue pretty easily so no need. The new blogs look great and thanks to everyone at MLBlogs/Wordpress for your hard work on getting them up and running!

Russell, could you get in touch through ? I can help you track down the issue. Send over your username and blog URL.

I have the same question as Todd; my user name is now mlblogsyankeeschick — is that permanent, or is that just until we get the activation email and all that jazz?


I just went to word press and acted like I forgot my password. It emailed me a link to click to take me to a page to reset my password. On mlblogs, my username has been “cookandsonbats,” but the word press email said my username is “mlblogscookandsonbats.” Will that mlblogs always be part of my username now or can we scale it back to the original?

URLs will not change. Anything like that means we’re almost there…

I read through the FAQ (above, in this post) and found a helpful link about changing your username back again. It worked for me, which is nice, because the username that they generated was really long for logging in, even if the link/URL was the same.🙂

I’m having problems logging in. Am I trying too early?

Yea mine is back up too, but no photos and no email as of yet I hope I get it my ends night cross fingers!

My blog is back, but no pictures or email from word press yet.

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