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We Love Baseball & is redesigned for the start of every Major League Baseball season this past decade, and this year that fresh start will include the network.  A brand-new blogging experience for baseball fans is on the way, loaded with all the cool features and conveniences fans want in blogging. This is where we will keep you posted on the upgrade status when there are details to share for all MLBloggers. Happy Opening Day and happy blogging!


Yeah, the picture problem comes and goes. I retried a few times in the last hour and finally got it. Wish I could say I know how I did it. Looking for those latest leaders😉

I too have the problem uploading pictures but for me it happens most of the time but occasionally does work. I don’t know if that’s the case with others.

I can’t upload pics either now. Nothing loads beyond the Tags box, so I can’t put pictures in. They show as links in the blog.

Is there a fix for this? I’d like to finish my latest blog entry but can’t.

Is looking really good!

Thanks Mark! Looking forward to the changes in our blogs!

Whatever the issue was with image posting, it appears to be resolved, because the last couple days, I’ve had no problems posting pictures. Thanks for your help, and I can’t wait to see all the fun gidgets, widgets, and gadgets that are awaiting us when the full migration happens. I hope one of them is a choice to change the background/layout of the blog.


Love the new ” subscribe” area. That will greatly help some of the new people gain not only readers, but a sustained readship pool for people to read, comment and eventually see themselves higher in the Top 50 Fan blogs section of the “Latest Leaders”. Great addition……I know there are more on the way!

We will post the March Latest Leaders this afternoon. Thanks!

Sweet! You guys do a great job! Thanks! It’s so much fun!

Go Phillies!!

Sounds good, I know the change is for the better! Excited as always for the Latest Leaders.

Michael, no change is without adjustment. As you can see from this community blog you are reading, Link Lists migrated.

So I’m getting pretty nervous that I’m going to need to make a lot of changes, and that my link lists and things like that will be deleted. Please give me some good news.

We are pushing for full MLBlogs conversion as fast as possible for all of you. We expect it to be this month, and with any luck within the next two weeks. Thanks for your patience, and especially with the photo issue (Michael/Beth/Jenn). There is no support on that front with the old platform, so the solution is to be on the platform that rocks. Coming soon…will keep you posted here.


Me too…cannot post photos! Help!

Same here having trouble loading pics.
Also, I see videos can be uploaded in the comment section for blogs already converted. I saw a few videos and pics in the ITD blog but in the meantime we can’t

I agree with Michael — I am having a hell of a time posting pictures in my post-game summaries after the games. The dialog box loads as far as the Tags text box, but then nothing after that. It’s blank. When I then try to re-upload it, it tells me that it’s already been uploaded and do I want to overwrite the file. Well…’s not in my list of previously uploaded images, and when I do a search for the file name, it tells me it’s there, but with 0 bytes. I had no trouble before the season started, but then on Thursday — BAM! Issues galore. I’d love some resolution on this.

Sorry, it’s late. TROUBLE with PICS and videos.

Big time having troulbe uploading pica and videos. This has never happened before. Any help would be appreciated. Going to opening day in a week, and would love to share my pics with fellow bloggers. Thank you!!
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Update on when fan blogs may be converted to WordPress?

Question, is this update going to cause all of the link list to be deleted? Just curious, but also with this update will there be any more variety to the team and/or MLB templates?

I can’t upload pictures anymore for some reason. When I go to upload, I get the dialog box that asks me to find the picture I’m looking for, and then when I do, I get taken to a new dialog box that only inserts a text link to the picture, rather than the image. I’ll be kind of hard to do my post-game summaries without pictures.


Yes, the default setting on the new dashboard requires comments to be approved by the blog operator. I would expect that most of those bloggers will gradually change the setting to not require approval. This is going to be a transition so hang in there.

I’m confused about this new set up. I have left a few comments on the updated Pro Blogs and several times the comment hasn’t shown up after I hit post. Once I tried to repost a comment that never showed up and it told me that I had already left the same comment. Is there a review process that the blog author has to approve a comment before it is posted?

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