Latest Leaders – October 2010

Your MLBlogs Latest Leaders by pageviews from October 1-31:

1. Confessions of a She-Fan
2. Red State Blue State
3. Yankee Yapping
4. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
5. The Closer
6. Rays Renegade
7. Unfinished Business
8. Rockpile Rant
9. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
10. The Three Bs
11. Phillies Phollowers
12. Yankees Chick
13. Random Thoughts About the San Francisco Giants
14. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
15. Julia’s Rants
16. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees
18. SPANdemonium
19. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
20. Underneath the Halo
21. Counting Baseballs
22. Well Played Mauer
23. Hands off my Pirates Booty
24. The Pittsburgh Peas
25. The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
26. The Phanatic Addict
27. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
28. Amazine
29. World Series 41, Rangers Fan 1
30. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
31. Just a Bit Outside
32. West Coast Fan[girl]
33. White Elephant Parade
34. Perfect Pitch
35. More Cowbell–A Rays Blog
36. Baseball, Apple Pie, and Lobster
37. Perpetual Padres Saga
38. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
39. Sports Propaganda
40. Linea de Primera
41. Art of the Pale Hose
42. (:> Bird Brained
44. The Heirloom
43. Phillies Red Pinstripes
44. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
46. The Red Sox- A Doll’s Point of View
47. METrospection & More
48. Patric’sGiantsBlog
49. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
50. Homer, Blue Jays and MLB

2. Bronx Banter
3. Mets Minor League Blog
4. Better Off Red
5. Inside the Giants Clubhouse
6. Baseball Nerd
7. The Baseball Collector
8. Alyson’s Footnotes
9. Behind the Mask
10. Inside the Dodgers
11. Fantasy 411
12. Ben’s Biz Blog
13. Newberg Report
14. MLBlogosphere (lol)
15. Around the Horn in KC
16. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
17. Phillies Insider
18. Bloomberg Sports
19. John & Cait…Plus Nine
20. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
21. The Fantasy Goodness
22. Walking with a Swagerty
23. The Byrd’s Nest
24. Comerica Park, 48201
25. Inside the White Sox
26. MLB Urban Youth Academy
27. Ozzie Speaks
28. Catching up with a Pirate
29. Cory Harrilchak
30. Phinally Phocused
31. @MLB
32. Heard It From Hoard
34. Notes from NatsTown
35. Torii’s Storiis
36. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
37. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog
38. Kip’s Korner…
39. Homestand Blog by Yankees Magazine
40. The LumberBlog
41. Dodgers Photog Blog
42. From the Booth with Steve Stewart
43. MiLB Snap Shots
44. Phillies Outside
45. Beat the Streak Report
46. The D-blog
47. Rattler Radio
48. ‘Cats Corner
49. The Watson Files

1. The Zo Zone
2. Bowman’s Blog
3. Bombers Beat
4. Postcards from Elysian Fields
5. Muskat Ramblings
6. Beck’s Blog
7. Haft-Baked Ideas
8. Mark My Word
9. Brew Beat
10. Brownie Points
11. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
12. Major League Bastian
13. Mets Cetera
14. All Nats All the Time
15. CastroTurf
16. Tag’s Lines
17. The Fish Pond
18. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
19. Britt’s Bird Watch
20. Kelly’s Corner


#49 …
It is “Great” to be on the Fans Leaders List again at #49 … Thanks to all who visited and offered a comment on my mlblog !!!
As is my tradition, I dedicate my ranking on this list in honor of the great Yankees pitcher #49 Ron Guidry who is the last Yankee player to have his number retired by the Yanks (in 2003) … In 1978 Guidry had one of the greatest seasons ever by a starting pitcher, posting a (25-3) record, with a 1.74 ERA … “Louisiana Lightning” had a career record of (170-91) with a 3.29 ERA; 95 CG’s; and 26 shutouts … Guidry is on the ballot of the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee this year, and in my view, deserves serious consideration to be enshrined into the “Hall” !!!
Congratulations to all mlblogs on all Leaders Lists !!!
– Jimmy, “BY&L”

#20!! I am shocked and forever grateful! Thank you so much for reading! I truly truly appreciate it. I know I haven’t been blogging lately and it’s because I’m so busy but knowing that you all still come visit just makes me so happy! I promise I will work hards towards making my blog better!

Hope everyone has an incredible off season! Spring will come in no time!

#16! Thank you to everyone who has stumbled across my little blog. Once I get accepted to college (probably around mid December) I promise to post more regularly as opposed to these sporadic entries.
Congrats to everyone on a great blogging season! Hope you all are active in the offseason as well🙂

My friends blog is GREAT!!

Lady Loves Pinstripes

I am writing this from inside her MLB account as I do not have one….she is so knowledgeable about baseball, rarely misses a Yankees game

My friends blog is GREAT!!

Lady Loves Pinstripes

I am writing this from inside her MLB account as I do not have one….she is so knowledgeable about baseball, rarely misses a Yankees game

another solid list after another solid season. thanks on #24 guys! lets go baseball!

I see that I’m still on the list. Thanks.
But, this is strange. There’s seem to be a # 44 both before and after me, and no # 45 at the fan blog list? Any idea how that happened?

LMAOF! I don’t know how you got into the MLB Pro list. The check is in the mail! I laughed so hard here in my cubicle.
Thanks Peter.
Thank you all that stop by my blog.

Very happy people are still stopping by and reading “Confessions of a She-Fan!”And clap clap clap for everybody who blogs here – a great group.

No. 3?! Wow! That’s awesome! Thanks to everyone for reading Yankee Yapping and congrats to everyone who made the top 50.🙂

Thanks for reading, MLBlogs Community!

Alas, yet AGAIN, not cracking the top-50. Could it be because I rarely write on here? Hmmm…
At any rate, congrats to the “winners”. I gots to know exactly WHAT it is I must be doing wrong…lol
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

Thanks to all of our “John and Cait” readers! We have a lot of fun writing our entries and we hope you enjoy reading them. Congrats to everyone else on the list!

Congratulations everyone. I guess my blog will die in obscurity. If anyone has any suggestions for improving my readership, let me know. Thanks.

So what constitutes a ‘PRO’ blog, did I get so many hits that I was sent to the PRO Blog list, and do I get a paycheck for my blog now, wait.. nope it’s not April 1st, and RSBS doesn’t have that much pull to F**k with me, so it must be I get paid…. is being listed as a Pro blog better than the Fans list… hmmm so many questions… I guess I’m lucky to be on the list anywhere, my blog probably should have been censored by now….:-)


Phillies Outside

Woo Hoo! #31! Thanks for everyone who clicked my direction. Now if only I could beat Emma…mwahaha!

Lol Michael (KTG). You almost beat me there! Congratulations on #31. I am squeezed between World Series 41_ Rangers 1 and you! Good company! And West Coast Fan(girl) has my favorite number (32)! I love Sandy Koufax!
Congratulations to all! I know for some of us it was hard to keep on blogging after our season was over.
I will catch up in my reading, it just that I’ve been so busy at work but I am not complaining.

Wow… #4! Thank you so much to everyone who reads and comments, I really appreciate it.

Vanilla cupcakes and hugs to all,
Diamond Girl

Good company as always. That She-Fan, she’s a trendsetter like no other!
–Jeff & Al

Thank you so much guys!! It is going to be a super long offseason, but hopefully it will go by fast with all the fun we’re having🙂 Keep up the amazing work, all of you. GO PADRES!!!!
Unfinished Business (the Padres still have it!) –

Steve: It was a pleasure – your passion came through in World Series 41, Rangers Fan 1! We’re glad you’re in the Top 50 with us!

And…wow! #44?!? How can that be possible? Thank you, everyone! You’re making my dreams come true!

– Randy

Thanks to everyone who followed my dreams of seeing the Rangers in the World Series for the first time! It was a magical ride (albeit one without the preferred ending) and I thank every one of you for taking the time to read. Making the list two months in a row is an honor!

Congrats to everyone who made the list! Thank you guys for putting me up there as #37, even though I only wrote two entries in October. I’ll definitely gather new ideas and keep my blog updated🙂 Thank you guys for keep coming back! It really means a lot to me.

First off, thank you again to Mark Newman, our faithful vote counter for his monthly “Latest Leaders ” list for October.
Secondly, Thanks again to all who have read, accidently clicked on, or cruised by my blog posts.
Posting up in the number 6 spot this month is great considering my Tampa Bay Rays exited the playoffs after 5 games.
Congrats to everyone on this month’s list, and looking forward to another great month of comments and blog posts from the clan.

Rays Renegade

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