Share your Custom Jersey stories

yankeejersey.jpegHope you all are having a wonderful offseason! I would like to invite everyone to please share your Custom Jersey story in the comments section of my article just posted and see what others have to say about that fixture in our fashion lives. Remember to leave a link to your blog (you have to omit the http:// though) when you do!

What jerseys are in your closet and why? Which one have you always wanted most?

What is your next jersey purchase? Please note that if you order one of those dream jerseys from Majestic Athletic at the Shop (online only) by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, it will be guaranteed delivery by Dec. 24 — and it also will be 10 percent off.

Do you wear yours into enemy territory?

Have you ever ripped off the letters from the back like one fan I talked to who replaced the letters D-A-M-O-N with S-T-E-R-N after Johnny left the Red Sox? Do you wait to see who lands where in the Hot Stove season, or do you go for one now?

I wear a No. 5 Pujols jersey most often. I had a nice White Sox jersey with my last name on it but a certain ballpark dog mustard stain took care of that. Also, why is that we only spill mustard on our shirts when we are wearing home white custom jerseys?

Anything else you want to share about Custom Jerseys, please add to the comments section of the story. Thanks and happy blogging!



I had custom Jerseys made to honor (my hero) fallen Fire Fighter, Michael J. Cawley. He was a huge NY Mets/NY Jets fan. I wear my Jersey’s proud in honor of him and his FDNY brothers (343) who made the extreme sacrifice on 9/11/01 And when the season is over, I proudly hang them up on my wall in my apt… (not in a closest)…. till its time to wear them again!

(hmmm…talk about being fashionably late***?)
My last jersey was, finally, Roberto Clemente. I want a Twins Tony Oliva made next. My favorite jersey is my Mets Tug McGraw. The only jersey I regret….Big Papi. I knew then, don’t buy current players. Don’t do it. I did anyway.

Mark – Merry Christmas to you and your family, hope you have fun and enjoy…:-)
Outside the Phillies Looking In

My first jersey I got is a signed David Eckstein Padres jersey. The best part is that he’s the one who gave it to me!🙂

My favorite jersey isn’t custom made. It is a Dodgers Matt Kemp jersey. I thought it would be very cool to buy one and then to have him sign it for me which he did. I look at it and remember all the wonderful memories of 2009 including going to the post season. I also am proud of the fact that he earned the honor of being named Silver Slugger and Golden Glove. How awesome is that!!!

2 years ago I purchased an Ian Snell Pirates jersey. BIG MISTAKE. After hos best year of his career the yea before, SNell began to implode and embarrass himself on the field. This year he was demoted to AAA and eventually traded. Guess it is vintage Pirates now

Mine is a little obscure. I have a Preston Wilson Florida Marlins road jersey, circa 2000. While living in Milwaukee, I attended a Marlins-Brewers game (dressed in Marlins gear), and Preston handed me one of his slightly broken bats. The next season, I purchased a Wilson jersey and returned to get the bat signed.

Dave from “the LumberBlog”

My favorite jersey is actually an All Star American League jersey I won a few years ago during an contest for one fan from each team to win a authentic All Star game jersey of their choice.
Of course I picked the Rays, who were represented that season by closer Danys Baez. The shirt got to me in time for the next Rays homestand, and Danys signed it for me and it is under glass as we speak.
It was so special to me to not only win a jersey via an MLB contest, but to also win the All Star jersey of a great former Rays player.
I sneak a peek at the jersey every once in a while. (Still got the MLB paperwork and Email sent to me by the NY office).

Rays Renegade

My first jersey was a Rod Carew Twins jersey, I am thinking of getting a new Twins road jersey with Joe Mauer’s #7.


Hey Mark, my Jersey is an Inaugural Rockies jersey and I had the “Rockpile Ranter” stitched on at the same place that takes care of the Rockies uniforms. Since your Pujols jersey is stained..I suggest you try hairspray…It worked for a sharpie stain on my Ranter jersey…Put a towel underneath it and saturate it with hair spray. Then blot it up.. What have you got to lose?…D

My first MLB jeresy was a Mariano Rivera jersey I received a few years ago, last year I bought a C.C. Sabathia jersey and I couldn’t be happier with the fun I had in NY at the Stadium wearing them.


Just dropped mine… if ya see a guy sportin’ his 80s era home Expos jersey, there’s a good chance it’s me!

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