Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us at MLBlogs! Presenting today’s Irish dancers, Cockroach, Alyson, Michelle, N8 and of course Spike. Enjoy!


Mark, I forgot to comment on this — thanks for giving me such slender thighs!

Just saw this! Fantastic!!!! It put me right back in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit a few days later. I love Riverdance, so this totally worked for me!


Good Job!

Hey how come you didn’t put me on that video? lol jk

~ King of Cali

I’m not sure why I wasn’t included in the video. I must have some Irish in me.
My hope for the WBC is Japan and USA to play at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. I’m going on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I will be getting my baseball fix. You’d think I had enough since I returned from Camelback AZ for the second time to watch my beloved Dodgers.
Go Japan. Go USA. Go Dodgers. Cat definitely loves the Dodgers!! http://catlovesthedodgers.mlblogs.com

Hey Mark — is there any sort of RSS feed that I can use to get notices whenever a new blog is posted? Similar to the “Most Recent Activity” list, but just with actual posts.

Or, barring that, do you know how I can get individual blogs to update on my Google Reader? When I put in a blog’s address, I get this message: “Your search did not match any feeds.

* Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
* Try different keywords.
* Try more general keywords.”


“Very Funny Video”, Mark …

I hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!
— Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

Very cute Video!


LOL that’s a cute video Mark.Missyhttp://rocktober-2007.mlblogs.com
Updated My Photo Blog “Rockpile of Memories” http://purpleluv.mlblogs.com

Thanks for the St. Paddy’s Day treat. I think those dancers might have been hitting the green beer!

Hey did you see Youkilis has a sore ankle and Longoria is willing to step in. I didn’t know and I have a short summary of the 2 stories.
Field is down to 32 see if your team can make it
Final Four: Baseball Style

10’s across the board in today episode of Dancing with the MLBlogger Stars. WTG!

Hey Mark – did you know that one of our Blue Jays’ bloggers is an accomplished musician and has a CD out? I reviewed it this morning. Check it out and support a fellow blogger!


Hah, that was amazing! I love the one with the shoe for a head. Keep reading about Padres baseball at Unfinished Business!

i hate st. patricks day. hahah eatsleepmlb.mlblogs.com

But where is the creepy leprechaun? Hee…funny stuff!


Haha good looking out. Shamrocks and Shenanigans to you too.


Hahahahaha! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Everybody, please read the questions and respond!

Mark – great job! Happy St. Patrick’s Day from this Irish lass!


Very nice Job! You got some dancing moves!🙂.
Ok, I am going to say that I would prefer the WBC in the fall. there is just so much baseball between the WBC & Spring Training and I want to keep track of all of it!
Go USA!!!
Go Venezuela!!
I am getting so excited about being at Dodger Stadium this weekend for the finals!!

Man that was hilarious, thanks for looking up my blog again for the St. Patricks day theme on the front.
The East Bracket and Midwest Bracket have concluded their first round matches. After tomorrow there will be 32 left see if your team can make it to the Final Four: Baseball Style

They rolled out the green caps again today for St. Patrick’s Day at the Braves-Mets game . . . http://snapshots.mlblogs.com/



LOL! That was hilarious! Thanks Mark!!🙂

That was good for a chuckle! That Cockroach guy’s expression is the best part of the whole thing!
I was lucky enough to be in Clearwater two springs ago for St. Patty’s day. Though the Phillies’ green uniforms combined with their red batting helmets made them look a bit like Christmas elves – check out this post, Clearwater Dreaming – the photo’s about halfway through.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Nice job. I didn’t know MLBloggers had those kind of moves! Happy St. Patty’s day everyone.

Wow. That was very post-modern. I give it four stars.

LOL!! Thank you, Mark – that just made my day! I like the “Cockroach” nickname, too.

Yeah big day for Houston, 2 of five MLBlogs Irish Dancers.

Well the Astros are well-repped with Alyson and the Roach.


Oh my God that was hilarious. Nice job, Mark! Hahahaha!

One of these day you have to submit to the Nike fetish and send it packing. lol
Seriously funny, but the smile on “Cockroach’s face is priceless on the card. It is one of those crazy fan faces that hit the camera after a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth.
We know why the lassies are there, and they make people like me watch it.
Lastly, it was fantastic last night seeing the GREEN bases during the Rays vs Pirates game. But the green caps worn by Pittsburgh did look odd last night with their dark jerseys.

But to all, a fine whisk of corned beef and cabbage should hit your nose, and the fine kick of the Jameson hits your toes. For it is on this day that we be celebrating, for its almost baseball time, the season’s awaiting.

Have a safe, but enjoyable St Patrick’s Day!!!!

Rays Renegade


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