Summer Wind

Just heard this playing at a shop downstairs here in our Major League Baseball Advanced Media headquarters in Manhattan and had to share it with MLBloggers. Dedicated to you guys. I hear baseball.


In a couple days, I will go to a place that feels like summer, AZ. So let the games begin!


Just a follow-up …

Maybe, my above quote was not noticed. So, I would like to make a second request for the quote from my blog to be considered as the featured quote in the mlblogs quote section … Thank you, again !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

Hey, Mark / mlblogs …

I offer the following quote from my blog to be featured on the mlblogs quote section: “The viewers of the A-Rod press conference were only granted ‘one act’ of what should have been a ‘three act’ performance” … Thanks !!! ….. Jimmy [27NYY],”BY&L” …..

Oohh I love Frank Sinatra’ music and that fact that he was a Dodger fan! When I went to the Dodger truck sendoff that never happened, well fans were not allowed, they gave us a tour instead. they took us to the special suite where they have the original 4 seats that Frank had. Lots of pictures of Old Blue Eyes there among the many other pictures.
There is a very nice anedote of Frank in Tommy Lasorda’s book “I Live for This”.
Look at my latest post on the Oldest living ex-player that played in the MLB and the Negro league at

Very cool. I am suddenly in the mood for baseball AND a martini. Look out!


Very cool. I am suddenly in the mood for baseball AND a martini. Look out!


Sorry this has nothing to do with Sinatra. I have an entry about O’s spring training. jerseys, Uehara and matt wieters.

The Chairman of the Board.

Nice touch Mark. We can all use a little Frank now and then.Thank you muzak for not thinking of “New York, New York” right now. It puts the next month into prospective. Now all we need to hear is some “Glory Days” and “Centerfield” and we will be totally into the season.

Rays Renegade

Always great to listen to and watch Sinatra any time of the day or year !!! … Thanks for sharing the song, Mark !!! ….. Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …..

Let’s hope we can FINALLY get to the stage where all we WILL be talking about is baseball! If only more players had the attitude of Big Papi! Let’s Play Ball!


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