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The Most Recent Activity feed on the MLBlogs homepage is evident of the fast increase here in blog creations. This is great news as always, and here is some more great news: all MLB.com beat writers are either MLBloggers or in the process of creating an MLBlog. We will gradually aggregate all of them by name here, and of course MLB PRO BLOGS also are always indexed in the drop-down menu on the MLBlogs homepage.

AL East
BAL: Spencer Fordin
BOS: Ian Browne
NYY: Bryan Hoch
TB: Bill Chastain
TOR: Jordan Bastian

AL Central
CLE: Anthony Castrovince
CWS: Scott Merkin
DET: Jason Beck
KC: Dick Kaegel
MIN: Kelly Thesier

AL West
LAA: Lyle Spencer
OAK: Mychael Urban
SEA: Jim Street
TEX: T.R. Sullivan

NL East
ATL: Mark Bowman
FLA: Joe Frisaro
NYM: Marty Noble
PHI: Todd Zolecki
WASH: Bill Ladson

NL Central
CHC: Carrie Muskat
CIN: Mark Sheldon
HOU: Alyson Footer
MIL: Adam McCalvy
PIT: Jenifer Langosch
STL: Matthew Leach

NL West
AZ: Steve Gilbert
COL: Thomas Harding
LAD: Ken Gurnick
SD: Corey Brock
SF: Chris Haft

More MLB.com talent
Tom Singer
Jesse Sanchez
Jonathan Mayo
Lisa Winston
Mike Siano/Corey Schwartz


Where did the link lists go? And the font of the links on the front page is really big, I don’t know if that is a problem but it kind of freaked me out.

Oh sorry, my comment may have come across as seeming that I thought the writers were being rated, or something like that. I didn’t think that, and was in no way impling that.

I meant that just lining them up by division made me think of the competitive MLB baseball season.

I apoligize for that misunderstanding! All the MLB writers on here do absolutely wonderful jobs, so it would be hard to rate them. Again, that is not what I mean’t.

Known issue and will hopefully be resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Same problem as D and Julia, Mark. I’m glad I’m not the only one because I thought I broke it with my gigantic essay of a blog today!

Mark – I am having the same problem as D on my blog and many of the others (including the MLBlogospheres!) that I visit. None of the link list on the side – including past history – show up and when you click on viewer profile it says that the page does not exist.


Hey Mark, I just noticed on my blog and some other that there is a strange error message in the profile picture box and my sidebar isn’t loading…D

Steriod Use

steriod use by the MLB players is way blown out of proportion about what it enhances for the players. Steriods do not mane a playeer a better hitter – it makes them stronger so they can hit the ball farther. If a player is a .250 average hitter he is not going to bat .300! A pitcher may throw the ball harder but he will not have better control or location of his pitches. Nor will it make a player abetter runer but it may make him faster altho I doubt it! Steriods are not healthy for the long term care of the players health and may shorten their career. Steriods DO NOT give the plaer better ability to become a better hitter but give the olaer the ability to possibly hiit the ball farther. This subject has been way over blown by reporters, newspapers and other people who think they know it all! LET’S GET REALISTIC Steriods are not all it is made out to be! Lets move on to orther more important issues in baseball.

Alphabetically is correct…BAL, BOS, etc. I hope that was kind of obvious.🙂

Homer, I think it was done alphabetically…although it does make me feel very very good to see the D-Backs ahead of the Dodgers…
And Mark or whoever does this sort of thing, I have a submission-like thingy for the homepage…don’t worry it’s better than my last one.
“What will happen in 2009? Will the D-Backs prevail? Will the Giants be the somewhat-predicted dark horse?”

Hey, I’ve created a blog for discussing steroids, the steroid era, and debating who fans think did or did not use during the era. It is The Great Witch Hunt at http://witchhunt.mlblogs.com.

Let’s face it, us baseball fans are all talking about this. We’re all debating it with our buddies. Some might say it’s unfair to speculate. But I don’t think it is. And, in discussing and debating the case for and against certain players, we can get a better idea about what was and wasn’t legit about this era. You can read more about that on the blog. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


Hey, don’t look at me; I check Bill Ladson out on my cell phone (sometimes) to find out Nats news…lol
On the topic of not being able to leave comments on others’ blogs: I have that problem, TOO, sometimes. I’d love to be able to trash-talk my fellow NL East MLBloggers…if they’d LET me, that is. LMAO
That “You do not have permission to comment on this blog” line IS starting to get on my fricking nerves, you know??

I am so glad that Corey Brock is back and blogging! He’s got a great perspective on Padres baseball!

Somehow, lining up those writers like that makes me want them to compete for something?? I can’t handle our Blue Jay beat writer being in last place.

Hi Mark…I resent the email…hopefully you’ll get it! :O)


Ya Marty, can’t wait for his first post. So what do yo think about the fantasy league?

Wright Way – there is a fantasy baseball go to http://cobf.mlblogs.com if you are interested he is holding one.

Guys, I am making a huge project and I want every single MLBlogger to be involved. Please come by and check it out, and tell everyone you know on MLBlogs. I need everyone’s opinions.

Is there gonna be a latest leaders tommorow? I think I might finally be in it!


Mark – afternoonangel.mlblogs.com asked me to let you know that she is unable to log on to anyone’s blog and make comments (even yours!) Could you see if you can help her? You can reply to me & I’ll forward along any info if you need me to! Thanks as usual!


Really cool. Can’t wait to see what Mark Bowman has to say.

Hi Mark,
Please check your email when you get a chance.
And yeah for Todd Zolecki! He’s a cool guy and knows what is talking about :O)


And the winner gets a thing for their header like the MLBlogs Top 100 people did.

We should do a MLBlogs Fantasy league on ESPN or something like that, so like only bloggers, and Mark would be the commish. Of course I would win. What do you think about that Mark?

or email me at


“Just to clarify, all 30 correspondents will be blogging.”

So Marty Noble is getting one?

Just to clarify, all 30 correspondents will be blogging. We are in the process of creating them all. If you don’t see yours yet, it will be any hour/day. Right now, yes, we’re all in the middle of a big story. Join me, Jesse Sanchez, Matthew Leach and Doug Miller all of MLB.com DURING THE INTERVIEW from 6 p.m. on as we host a live community event on MLB.com. See my article there — fans will simply be invited to comment on that article page, and we will be commenting with everyone while we are all watching the A-Rod interview together. – Mark

I hope Bill Chastain creates a blog entry. He has done a great job with his Rays entries in the last few years and is right on top of the game.

Most of the Rays post this off season has his by-line, so he is the man when it comes to the Rays and MLB.com

Rays Renegade


Finall we’re going to have a Mets pro blog. But then why can’t they just post more on the team website if they are the beat writers?


Got to love Ian & my Red Sox! I’m not causing too much trouble around here, am I?


I think we all know what everyone’s writing about today.

sweet. more mlbloggers.


We need to get a beat writer for the SF Giants! =)

~King of Cali

I can’t comment on any blogs, you know why?

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