Taking a Super Bowl handoff – and running with it


Millions of baseball fans at MLB.com
are football fans, too, and I liveblogged the Super Bowl from pregame
to postgame on the MLB.com homepage. Thank you to MLBlogs friends here
who joined me on the comments there! Let’s just say the ladies took
over — and if you want to know how far American football culture has
come, just witness that.<p>

The Super Bowl is not only a
great time for the typical fan, but it also marks that ultimate
transition from wintertime to the pastime. It’s our turn after the
clock runs out, and that’s what the liveblogging will be all about. We
do this every year, but this was the first time we did it in a liveblog
format a la MLB Network launch.

Thanks to our special guests,
club presidents Derrick Hall of the DBacks and Frank Coonelly of the
Pirates, for joining us during the game. Their comments said it all:
Baseball is there for affordable entertainment in any economy, a
much-needed salve. And who knows, maybe the Pirates can celebrate the
30th anniversary of their last World Series title by doing what they
did back then — immediately following (and preceding!) a Steelers

No? You haven’t been paying attention to the Majors this decade if you’re in the “no” camp.

was the only one on Earth in 2007 who picked the Rockies to go to the
World Series. They did. You could argue that those Rockies and the 2008
Rays had the foundation in place and the Pirates don’t. But that would
assume you are using logic.

Logic doesn’t mean a whole lot in the rollout of baseball champs these days.

fans, your equipment trucks are out on the road, since Friday was Truck
Day at Progressive Field and they’re bound for Arizona. Red Sox fans,
your Truck Day is this coming Friday. Big rigs are headed for the
interstate to Spring Training, filled with goodies like bats and balls
and uniforms and groundskeeping equipment and all those things that
rock our world. Red Sox Truck Day is this coming Friday. You can feel
it now! My Sure Signs of Spring article also is on the MLB.com homepage. What are your sure signs of spring?

For the record, I picked Kurt Warner and the Cardinals
to win, 33-28. I don’t hate my pick. What an incredible Super Bowl. Get
ready for an incredible year in baseball.

— Mark


That was some game. How many children in Pittsburgh will be named “Santonio”?

Sorry I missed all the fun on the Live blog. I fogot my Wifi card at the house and found out after I drove 25 miles down to Ferg’s.

So much for planning.

Rays Renegade


Thank you Mark!!!!!!! I am back up an running :O)


It was a great game! I was wondering if Arizona would be able to hang on, but Pittsburgh was good. I enjoyed “watching” it on my ESPN Gamecast!

I keep trying to email you and I get a message back saying “Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 0 second(s)” on your Yahoo address. I even tried sending it from MY yahoo address and got the same thing. PLEASE email me (zambrij@comcast.net) and I’ll try replying. I also tried you MLB account…did that work? I am freaking out over here…have not been able to get to the EDIT page of my blog for 3 days now. I can comment, but it will not go to the blog edit/management page. Thanks!


Sure signs of spring…when my parents stop making me wear a coat! When it doesn’t feel like seven blocks to the subway station! When people start talking about baseball a lot more!

Hey Mark – Your MLB article – Football hands off to baseball was sent out this morning to all subscribers on the Remy Report! All of Red Sox Nation will be reading you. And thanks for the live blog last night – I blogged about it this morning!


The Cardinals don’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Quitters.
That is all

Hey Guys – I’ll be running my own Superbowl liveblog on The ‘Burgh Blues. Won’t be a mystery who I’m rooting for… Check it out around 5:50 PM EST.

Mark…please check your email…I can not get to my EDIT page to post! Help!


As always, “Go Cardinals”! Then, bring on the spring!


Cardinals 24…Steelers 21…Happy Hot Wings…D

Gotta root for the underdogs: AZ 38, PIT 21.

Just sold my ticket today, so I will try and pop on between bar appearances and will toast you Mark. You are the man.

I paid off my Rays season ticket for the 2009 with the proceeds. And it did not hit 4 figures if you are wondering.

Rays Renegade


Watch all of Superbowl 2009’s commercials online here (before they air!): http://www.casttv.com/superbowl-commercials and catch the game streamed live here: http://www.casttv.com/watch-superbowl

I am not very interested in football, but I think I will stop by to check it out. It’s going to be a very interesting game…

The Steelers are winning this matchup. Ben leads ’em to a 24-10 victory. I’m tempted to say 24-3, but Larry Fitzgerald’s gotta score a touchdown.

Go Steelers! It’s time to go bird hunting.

The Steelers will win 34-21. I can’t wait for the commercials they are always so funny!

-Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

I’m rooting for the Steelers! I’ll say 24-21 BUT the Steelers have to shut down Larry Fitzgerald. I’ll try to blog on with you all! AND Our Captain is back! FINALLY! Jason – what the heck took you so long!


I am looking forward to the one-second Miller ads.🙂

I am with you Mark on that prediction on the team, but because the weather might be kicking a wind across the field, 28-21 is my guess.

I have a few parties to head to that day around the area, then a big after game party in Ybor City, but I will try and bring my laptop and post a few times.

If you can find it on the Internet ( I know it is out there) check out the Sobe lifewater Superbowl Ad featuring Raven master of disaster Ray Lewis. It will be in 3-D on game day, but the one online is two-dimensional.

Rays Renegade


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