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Our friend and fellow national writer Tom Singer just started a new MLBlog a few days ago called Change for a Nickel — so I decided to ask him how he decided on the title.

“As the subhead says, ‘Change for a Nickel’ simply means I’m giving readers my two cents’ worth, so they get change back for their nickel,” Tom replied.

It got me thinking about MLBlogs domains.

Like, is this the longest one?

Let’s talk about MLBlogs domains, starting with some general housekeeping.

Effective with our relaunch to the Movable Type platform last April, there is a Provisions plug-in here for superuser admin with a massive list of reserved domains. These include all 30 club names as well as 40-man rosters, so they are reserved for clubs and players. Examples of such usage are and

For anyone who may have maintained an MLBlog on the old Typepad platform prior to last April, there is no further login access to said blog and it will be scraped if/when needed. If you have one of those, you are advised to scrape and copy the contents of those yourself, as they could disappear at any time.

The Provisions list is inherited from Six Apart, and in scanning it I noticed a lot of bizarre semi-celebrity names as well as words like “buzz” for reasons that might have made sense for the MT developer. So if you find an MLBlogs domain unavailable and want to create one, feel free to leave a comment here requesting it and I can remove something from that Provision plugin if necessary. is not available, but it is a great place to go if you need the standard Latin placeholder text for Internet development. That actually was not the first MLBlogs domain. The first several were Six Apart test accounts. The first MLBlog domain visible to the public belonged then — and still belongs today — to the great Tommy Lasorda. You know you are an icon when you only need your first name as an MLBlogs subdomain. I hope you keep Tommy’s comments going strong at

I see that our good friends Jane Heller and Joe Torre are having a Yankee book war now, with books each coming out on the same day. I mention them because both use their own names as their MLBlog subdomain. Jane titles her blog with the same name of her new book: Confessions of a She-Fan. (I linked to her Amazon page rather than her B&N page because Amazon is currently marked down to $16.47 as opposed to B&N’s $16.83.) Joe blogged for the 2008 season, and it was named New Life. New Lifestyle.

The writer with the longest-running active MLBlog is my good friend Jesse Sanchez. But while he launched with his firstlast name as the subdomain, it was changed that first year to for some strange reason. Ask Jesse.

Murray Cook didn’t use his name in reserving his domain shortly after we launched back in 2005. He went instead with his occupation: — and you can see his most recent posting about the tragic building collapse at that Barcelona ballfield.

It is usually easier when you make the subdomain the same as the title, but sometimes it cannot work that way. There are some examples of that in this current MRA:

The penultimate MLBlog domain on that list is the only one to my knowledge that uses “gmail” within the subdomain.

Mets’ Main Man has the same title as subdomain except for the apostrophe.

Last October, we had at least one player MLBlog going for every club in the playoffs. The only one of those who was not firstlast name in the subdomain was because Andre Ethier wanted to keep a good thing going.

I am curious what thought process everyone put into creating her or his own MLBlog. What is the funniest MLBlog domain? What is the coolest? What is the dumbest? Which one always makes you say: Ooh, I wish I had that one. How do you feel about your own? I think this would be a fun topic to comment on and I will join you in the comments.

Remember that you now can also follow us on Twitter @mlblogs or go to


At the risk of patting ourselves on the back, we kinda like our name, especially because we can’t get enough Zack Morris and AC Slater.

I just made my URL the same as my Blog Name so that it was easy to remember. Hey Mark, I have a question. How come when I set my profile, I make it say “metsmainman” but when I comment it says “metmainman”?

I think I agree with Jeff — I also like as some fun creativity here at the Sphere.

I just picked a name that I thought Phillies fans would remember. You know how obsessed we all are with the “ph” thing :O) Initially, I thought it was a bit corny, but I was overruled by my kids.

I think my favorite name is “Eat, Sleep, Baseball” and my least favorite is “October Gonzo” – sorry, but it makes me think of the Muppets and flying chickens :O) Oh, the nightmares…


Knowing we would blog all things MLB with the pepperings of politics in a semi-debate-like format, Allen and I decided to use the moniker “Red State Blue State” which not only points to the political edge we tend to take when blogging about baseball, but also represents the color schemes of our respective favorite teams (Allen = Tigers, navy blue) (Jeff = Cardinals, red). And thus our blog and domain name came to be.
I might add, my favorite domain name is: imbringingdiamondback

I was kind of disoriented when I was making my account, so I just kind of went with whatever. My initals are KB, so “Kaybee” is my initials spelled out. My blog name, Unfinished Business, comes from a quote of Padres GM Kevin Towers. He said that the Padres had “unfinished business” after the heart-breaking loss to the Rockies in 2007. Come over and check it out!

I wish mine was eat, sleep, baseball.

I saw that the first time and almost had a headache for missing an obvious name. That was a great pickup by you there Bob.

Rays Renegade

Everyone wishes their blog name was Eat, Sleep, Baseball🙂


I created my MLBlog with the intention of covering not only baseball or sports, but also marketing, products, and images, so I wanted to use some form of the word “consume” in my title. And I figured naming it The Consumption Of would provide the opportunity down the road to come up with some creative sub-titles or blog features. An example is my link list, which I have called “The Consumption of Links.”

Since my ML Blog is mainly about our town’s Double A Team, the Corpus Christi Hooks I decided to incorporate part of their name into my blog’s name.

I was listening to the radio. My local top 40 station’s DJ is a huge fan of Britney’s Toxic, Alicia Keys and Usher’s My Boo, and Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback…which happened to be on. I didn’t want to do something boring…and I love diamonds!! But everyone I know prefers pearls. Cause I’m bringing Diamonds back but I’m also bringing the D-Backs to New York (or at least attempting to)…or something like that. Of course, my personal favorite blog name is Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. And I’m lazy; i don’t type my URL in all the time. I copy and paste!

I’ve gone with “Cooperstown Confidential” ever since I started writing on the Internet in 2000. It. seemed a natural name for this blog, which began in 2005, though the domain name ( assigned to me, is quite different.

Why “Cooperstown?” Well, I have lived in Cooperstown, the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, since 1996. And why “Confidential?” Two reasons for that. One of my writing influences growing up was Dick Young, who was known for writing a column called “Clubhouse Confidential.” And then there is my favorite movie of all-time, LA Confidential. Add it all up, and you have “Cooperstown Confidential.”

Bruce Markusen
Cooperstown Confidential

Like Jen, my blog title is WAY too long for a domain. I could not type after every comment I leave, because I leave a lot.
Anyway, I think I could still change my URL, but I think a lot of people have already associated me with my URL and I am referred to as redsoxgirl46 on this site occasionally, as well as Twitter. I don’t mind redsoxgirl46 though, it’s simple but I like it, and it’s kind of become an identity. I can’t just change an identity🙂.

Like Jen, my blog title is WAY too long for a domain. I could not type after every comment I leave, because I leave a lot.
Anyway, I think I could still change my URL, but I think a lot of people have already associated me with my URL and I am referred to as redsoxgirl46 on this site occasionally, as well as Twitter. I don’t mind redsoxgirl46 though, it’s simple but I like it, and it’s kind of become an identity. I can’t just change an identity🙂.

My blog name, “A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition” is really long. I’m gonna start referring to it as “The Diatribe.” 🙂 I chose it because Julia already used “rant,” and I wanted something else. And because I’m a law student. And because this is the baseball edition of my diatribes. I have two other diatribes on Blogspot that I almost never update anymore. My domain name, ajroxmywhitesox, is because I love AJ Pierzynski, I love the White Sox, and I think he rocks. He rocks my White Sox. I thought it was clever. And because adiatribefromalawstudentbaseballedition would be way too long for a domain name. I wouldn’t wanna type that in every single comment I leave!

I don’t have an MLBlog that I really update but my blog (active and non-active) is Mr. Met is My Brother. I originally wanted just but that wasn’t available so was good for the entire blog title and it isn’t too long.

I just wanted to think of a name that would catch the eye.

Well Mark, I decided to just use the name that was given to me as I was establishing my website in August. It was at that time that I was also petitioning to do the commentary on a still unpublished Rays side website, “”.

Since it seemed that people co easily put the two together, I kept that name on all my blogs both on here, my website, and I was thinking of changing it to ” Rays Republic”, but decided against it because of the logistics of losing the people who currently look for the Renegade on from the Rays community.

I actually like some of the names picked by others like Rockpile Rants, and Red State/Blue State, and of course, Confessions of s She-Fan. I just hope people remember that a name with personality is locked in your brain faster than a simple team name and sidebar.

Rays Renegade

I think it’s neat that you talked about this today. Yesterday I posted an entry about how I came up with the name Rockpile Rant..Here’s a link: …D

Why did I pick my blog name? Well…..Julia is my name and, you might have noticed that I tend have an opinion or two on most things! “Werbiefitz” that shows up is a combination of my maiden name and my married name. I guess when I picked my blog name I wanted it to represent “me”. I am a diehard Red Sox fan but I wanted my blog to be more then just that; I wanted it to be about my thoughts and opinions on the Red Sox, baseball, all sports and life in general. And I think in the few months that I have been blogging I’ve managed to achieve that goal! I enjoy reading and writing here; and I plan to be doing that for a long time to come. Now Mark – can you just make spring come a little faster??


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