Latest Leaders – Jan. 16-22

Latest Leaders in the MLBlogs Network by page view, for the period from Jan. 16-22:


Twins pitcher Glen Perkins debuts at No. 30 on the charts — and that doesn’t include his Caravan posts that got Twins Confidential into the top 10. Don’t look now, but here comes Fantasy 411 — with a brand-new style. Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier rocketed to No. 19 after blogging about the Mexican food at Fry Bread House. We’ve been impressed with how Around the Horn in KC
has elevated lately; Royals fans are getting fired up. Can’t wait to
see their good-as-new, totally remodeled ballpark. Jump on that 2009 Reds Winter Caravan!

1. Hot Stove Blog
2. Bombers Beat
3. Inside the Dodgers
4. Fantasy 411
5. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
6. CastroTurf
7. Postcards from Elysian Fields
8. Brownie Points
9. Twins Confidential
10. Beck’s Blog
11. Inside the Giants Clubhouse
12. The Baseball Collector
13. Around the Horn in KC
14. *touch* ’em all
15. Newberg Report
16. MLBlogosphere (lol)
17. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog
18. Phillies Insider
19. Dining with ‘Dre (Andre Ethier)
20. Red Sox Insider Blog
21. Bally’s Blog (Collin Balester)
22. Tommy Lasorda’s World
23. Inside the White Sox
24. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
25. Twins Ballpark Update
26. Organizational Report
27. Major League Bastian
28. Ben’s Biz Blog
29. 2009 Reds Winter Caravan
30. Perk’s Place (Glen Perkins)
31. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
32. Friar John’s Blog
33. MLB Urban Youth Academy
34. got milb?
35. Comerica Park, 48201
36. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
37. Siguiendo a los Mets
39. A ‘Braves’ New World
40. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
41. Yankee Stadium Memories
42. It’s a Kind of a Family. It’s a Kind of Insanity.
43. Behind the Mask (Bengie Molina)
44. Shane Victorino’s Postseason Blog
45. Scorpion Tales: C.J. Wilson’s trek across the blogosphere
46. Inside the Chiefs
47. Extra Innings with the K Crew
48. Geeking on the Draft
49. Reds Crew Official Blog
50. A’s Thru Z

This just in: My veteran colleague Tom Singer, another Hall of Fame voter, has just joined MLBlogs! You can find him here, and please be sure to say hello and comment for a longtime baseball writer.


And here comes Ranger Rumors! We also saw a quantum leap by Statistician Magician,
who will provoke you to comment with that 5 Best First Basemen entry!
How would you like to be the eighth-most-popular fan MLBlogger when you
are only in sixth grade? Eat, Sleep, Baseball can make that claim (along with a 62-mph fastball). Baby Paul is back in the top
40 after riding some bulls at the rodeo! OK, he didn’t really ride them
— but he blogged about them. We’ll be lookin’ for eight when they pull
that gate, Baby Paul!

1. Red State Blue State
2. Confessions of a She-Fan
3. Ranger Rumors
4. Julia’s Rants
5. The ‘Burgh Blues
6. Rockpile Rant
7. Statistician Magician
8. Eat, Sleep, Baseball
9. Prince of New York
10. Rays Renegade
12. Phillies Phollowers
13. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
15. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
16. Life Outside the Diamond is a Wrench
17. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in
18. Go Redlegs!
19. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
20. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
21. I Live for This
22. Unfinished Business
24. Baseball’s Hottest Wives
25. King of Cali
26. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
27. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
28. All Baseball All The Time
29. Hardball
30. Bringing Diamond Back(s)
31. Yogi Brewer
32. Cambios y Curvas
33. Plunking Gomez
34. Yankees Chick
36. Phillies Red Pinstripes
37. Yawkey Way Yaker
38. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors
39. Baby Paul’s Baseball Blog
40. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
41. Made In San Diego
42. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
43. Love of The Game: Through 2 Different Pairs of Eyes
44. Cardinal Girl
45. Diamondhacks
46. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
47. Perfect Pitch
48. Baseball Bats
49. District Boy
50. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer

sure to put yourself on this list! It’s more easy traffic, because
people will click these and find you. You’ll find that one common trait
of many of the Latest Leaders is their love of commenting on OTHER
MLBlogs, always leaving their full URL wherever they go. This brings
you page views, it makes you part of a community, you make friends,
people read what you write, and you know you are making someone else
feel better.

The Official MLBlogs Twitter is buzzing at – or just follow @mlblogs if you already are on Twitter. Leave your tweets there to promote your MLBlog.

Sorry to see the passing of Bill Werber, 100, the oldest surviving former MLB player. I interviewed Bill and wrote an feature on him in 2003, when he was 95, for our World Series 100th Anniversary area launch. That article will be back on with his obit.


Darn, NOWHERE to be found. Well, seeing as how I have multiple blogs across the Net (Inter-, not MLB…lol), I can only devote SO much time to this place.
But that’s OK. I just wish the MLBlogs people could help JUST a tad. I mean, my Frank Howard piece SEEMED to be well-received (and my follow-up blog last night SHOULD’VE evoked something). But, like the title of the last blog says, “I’m NOT mad”.
Ahh, once spring training starts I’ll PROBABLY focus my time here. Who knows??

Hey, I moved up a notch in my slow and steady plan to dominate the latest leaders. Just 13 more bloggers to get past!

Steve T

Just wanted you to know that the link to my site on the right hand column under BOOK AUTHORS does not function.

Pete Bjarkman

Julia, you should bring that chocolate cake to Tom’s next support group. πŸ™‚

Why do I keep seeing “Darn Julia” in the comments section? I really am nice – and I bake a mean chocolate cake!


Hey Mark ever thought about doing a link list for sixth graders.πŸ™‚ Okay maybe just teenagers.


I just started an MiLB photo blog at and I’d like to invite you to stop by and take a look.
— Tom Priddy

I just noticed the shoe ad is still there at no 26…bummer. and Mark I guess it’s a matter of opinion I can can build an ad sense account and some other Google friendly sales and pay per click advertising and get my blogs totals up to. I just don’t see that as the point of this space. You run the site and if you’re cool with it then it’s good. I just feel bad for 27 thru the rest of us who actually write articles and can’t beat an ad.

No worries though, I’m getting even more aggressive with my marketing strategy, more controversial posts, looking at what data I can put together from comments and find out what interests our readers more and gearing toward it, and then pleading with other bloggers to put a link up for my site. I’ll make it on the top 100 soon enough!

The Reds are having one of the oddest seasons in history with it’s fresh new team, new look, 2nd year managers and barely been there presidents of operations. I’ll be locked and loaded for some time to come!

Hehe I came in at 23. lol

I have dedicated my #4 rank to Butch Hobson of the Boston Red Sox. Read about how he lost it all only to be given a chance again by the Red Sox. He is an inspiration.


Thanks for the list Mark…but not for the cold! I knew I got it from someone! Damn those cyber-colds! :O)
Happily hangin’ at #12,


Hey thank you for checking out my blog. I like the list you provide. Go Red Sox!!!

Jeff, you said it. BTW, watch out for those lingering stalker/trolls I still apparently have out there in the blog netherworld…I am flattered they still care. lol

Baby Paul: Can’t wait to see the Rockies FanFest pics, little dude!

“Unshakable Ship”… I like it. I like it a lot. Big ups to everyone! Fist bumps all around! It’s a new era!

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the latest leaders list. There’s lots of great blogs up there. No bull riding for me, but maybe I’ll give mutton bustin’ a shot in a few years. Mom, Dad and I are headed to the Rockies fan fest tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll run into some fellow Rockies bloggers while I’m there. Thanks again for the list!
-Baby Paul

Great jump, Bob!

Number 8!!! That was Carl Yastrzemski’s number! Last time I was 28. Thanks to every one who reads Eat, Sleep, Baseball.


Ah, I see that I’d went up one to number 36 among the top 50. Slowly getting back up there.πŸ™‚


Jeff – congrats again to you guys. You’re like the unshakable ship up there at the top.

The person who blogs at Baseball Cleats & Shoes also does among other MLBlogs…in case you ever want to stop by and look at the About pages and say hello.

RSBS sez: Good times. Good times, All.

Made in San Diego: That was the funniest thing we’ve seen in a while, hearing that you jumped up and bumped your head on a closet after seeing you were No. 41 here! We are sorry about the injury and hope you don’t have a concussion! Now that is so well-known, we hope you will wear a helmet the next time I post Latest Leaders! πŸ™‚ Congrats — 41 out of many thousand is great!

COBF: Oddly enough it looks like you can’t have a capital “H” in or it will not link — so I’m doing that here so people can find you. Let’s see if that works. As for the “shoe ad” — the person who created that has created at least four MLBlogs and is one of our 10 longest-tenured MLBloggers since Tommy saved the first-ever MLBlogs post in April 2005. I hope he is making some $ from Baseball Cleats & Shoes. Everyone is welcome to be enterprising here. If you can figure out a way to make some dough through your MLBlog — without violating MLB Terms of Service — go for it. He turned his blog into an actual cleats/shoe store using Google Adsense. If anyone clicks on those (I have often), I believe that is money in his pocket. Who knows. He can feel free to step up here and report his business success if he wishes. πŸ™‚

Jimmy: Good tribute to Thurman, we always like the number tributes. Good point about this year being the anniversary as well. I am sure we will be reading a lot about him this summer.

Raynegade: Good to be a 10th man!

Emily: Not just me but we are glad to help. Our mission is to get all of you seen.

Anyone I’m missing: Sorry, trying to kick this cold and can’t concentrate much more right now. Ha.

The good news
There isn’t a shoe advertisement in the top 100 fan blogs
There is Reds blogs making the list on Fan and Pro blogs

The Bad news
I promoted the reds cheerleaders and they made the list!
I promoted the Redlegs blog and they made it to the list!
Did I make the list….NOOOOOOOoooooo!

I post a blog almost every day
I comment on others blogs almost every day

I’m taking my ball and going home!

Home to Confessions of a baseball fan that is! For god sake check me out so I don’t have to be so embarrassed next week!

I’m honored to be on the Fan MLBlogs “Leader’s List” once again … at #15 !!!

So, the tradition of dedicating my ranking number continues, as I dedicate my ranking on this latest “Leader’s List” to the great Yankees all-star catcher, “The Captain”, #15, Thurman Munson !!! … Since, I aleady made a dedication in honor of Munson on a previous Leader’s List, this second dedication, which is well deserved, will also be dedicated in honor of the two New York Yankee World Championship’s, 1976 and 1977, that Munson led the Yankees to victory in !!! … Thurman Munson’s tragic death on August 2, 1979, ended his life and baseball career way too soon, and to this present day Munson has not received the ultimate honor he so richly earned and deserves, “enshrinement into Baseball’s Hall of Fame” !!! … In my view, Thurman Munson should have been voted into the “Hall” immediately after his death, as he was one of the greatest catchers in baseball history !!! … To view Thurman Munson’s stats, click on: … Congratulations, to all on the “Fan” and “Pro” MLBlogs Leader’s Lists !!! … and, Thanks to all who have visited my mlblog … Everybody is welcome to visit anytime !!! … Also, thanks to Mark, for all the great work he does at the MLBlogosphere, and, also, taking the time to put these “lists” together !!! … I look forward to viewing all the other mlbloggers dedications in honor of their rankings on the latest Leader’s List, and also, future lists .. Jimmy[27NYY]

Mark- I didn’t know you were the one who designated the featured blog. Just wanted to say thank you!!!

I admitted my wrongdoing about my first baseman ranking in the blog entitled “Objective!” πŸ™‚ How would You rank the 1B?

Cool, I got bumped down one, but that is the price you pay sometimes. There has been a recent trend to relate your blog leaderboard mark with a jersey number.

I actually like that idea, and think I will attempt to put my own Rays spin on it tonight. Since I am ranked at number 10, I have to give props this week to the 10th man for the Tampa Bay Rays. That is right, as fans all over the Rays Republic know, Rays Manager Joe Maddon has been proud and loud about the 10th man during the 2008 season.

With the fans manning that 10th spot, we have taken liberties to take back our stadium from outside forces ( Red Soxs /Yankees fans), and begun to finally hear ourselves cheer in our own building. Also I have to give props to my group, the Maddon Maniacs, who all wear a yellow T-shirt proudly displaying our number 10 on the back of the shirt.

So, that is my shout out for the week. I know some people will rattle my cage about it, but that is the fun of commenting and reading every blog on here. Again, thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment or even reads my little rants and raves. I have done a lot of in-depth work during this off season, and plan on more and more as the season nears…………….But for now, Numer 10 is for the Rays fans and our cowbells.

Rays Renegade

Great job to everybody who made the list. It is great being among so many talented bloggers again. Since this has been such a patriotic week for Americans. #40 was Pat Tillman’s number.

Mark – my husband would be the first one to say – I have LOTS to say! lol!


After getting cheered up by my support group session, this has cheered me up again! One step at a time, so they say, as I went to #22 this week after #23 last week. Keep reading about those Padres!

WHOO-HOO!! Number 41!! Not bad at all. I am SOO happy right now!

Mark –
It’s a hate/love relationship. Can you really LOVE a team that is …uh… on a 17 consecutive season losing streak? Can you really LOVE a team that had the worst ERA in the majors last season? Can you really LOVE a team that ships away its franchise player (I miss Jason Bay)?

You can certainly a team like that, but it takes guts… and a sense of humor. That’s just what The ‘Burgh Blues mission statement is – “Embrace the blues of the ‘burgh.”

Because if you can’t do that, folks, you can’t love a team like the Pirates.


Hmmm, number 6, what can I dedicate this to. I got it, take six, times it by five, and add two, and that’s how many days until the MOBILE BLOGGING UNIT is mobile. I get my plugs where I canπŸ™‚. Be careful, I’m SILENTLY creeping up on the big dog spot. Get on your game, it’s almost showtime…Thank you to my regulars…It all comes back…you’ll see…D

Very excited to be #2 behind the RSBS boys! Thanks to those who stop by my blog on a regular basis. And to those who haven’t checked it out, don’t be a stranger. Yes, I’m a Yankee fan, but even an Evil Empress can have a sense of humor. Great job as usual putting this list together, Mark.


Good luck with the league, Carl!

Note for everyone: If you have a profile pic visibly of yourself, you will be considered for the Featured Blog spot on — gotta have the pic. Also, please note that we rotate by regions, demographics, whatever is needed to always make that promo a consistent mix of life in this community. So I appreciate when people ask to be there but I might not be able to promise anything soon.

If anyone is interested, King of Cali mentioned this on my blog; I would like to start a fantasy baseball league. Although all my ideas are being spilled on my blog, who cares…you get an advantageπŸ™‚. Anyways…email me if you are interested in this league (information will not be completed until sometime in February when leagues open)., Please put Mlblog Fantasy Baseball in your subject line. Later everyone!

The hardest part about this is that we have to manually link each blog, just as you guys would with the chain-link icon on your toolbar. I usually have the previous Latest Leaders in another tab so I can go back and forth and just copy and paste on each URL. Some are harder to find. For example: DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND, please list your full URL or someone do that for her. πŸ™‚ This is the most time-consuming part of each Latest Leaders. At some point I might look for a reliable volunteer to go into the MLBlogosphere software and do that for me.

Oh, I’m supposed to say something about my ranking number. Considering that I am #16 for the second week in a row, this time I will not invoke Honest Abe but rather will give it up for my favorite former QB, Joe Montana. I’m ready for a Super Bowl. I’m talking about the 16 on the back of a 49ers jersey. I also think the Detroit Lions were worthy this season of this digit being mentioned.

Whoa, number 13! This sure made my day after that tough history quiz! Hopefully I’ll continue climbing, and more entries more consistently.
Thank you all for helping me jump start my dream to become a sports writer!
Too bad I’m bombarded with a “cornucopia of stupid baseball questions” as you can see in my latest entry.

Whoa, number 13! This sure made my day after that tough history quiz! Hopefully I’ll continue climbing, and more entries more consistently.
Thank you all for helping me jump start my dream to become a sports writer!
Too bad I’m bombarded with a “cornucopia of stupid baseball questions” as you can see in my latest entry.

Darn Julia if only you were as nice in our support group as you are on here! Wink. I think it’s cool that # 20, 21 and 22 are all past participants in the Timeout at the plate series and 20, 21 weren’t even ranked yet! If fellow bloggers want to know more they can look in and check it out. They can also learn the logo was designed by #40 (also a participant) and a hint at tomorrow’s edition: it’s a blogger somewhere ahead of me on this list!

What an honor to even make the list! First being the featured blog and now, making THE list!!! This has been a good week.πŸ™‚

Hey, burghblues, still great being in the top 5 — way to go! I have one question, though — if you love the Pirates, how come the profile pic is, you know, the opposite of optimistic? Always wondered that. Root, root, root for the home team!

Darn you Julia! Hehe. Congrats on making #4. TBB is HONORED to be in the Top 5 latest leaders over he past two weeks. My only question… why are people reading about the Pirates? It even stuns me. Keep reading, as Pittsburgh will soon be making its case for a .500 record!

King of Cali: I figured that since we all focus on Latest Leaders and stats all season long on our site, we might as well add a Latest Leaders category for bloggers. How cool would it be if we at MLBAM incorporated this list into the ACTUAL Latest Leaders on our stats pages? So you can sort by HR, RBI, hits, Ks, MLBlogs, etc. πŸ™‚ We can do anything.

Julia, quite an amazing story how you have ascended from just barely in the Top 100 at the end of last year to a top-fiver now. I am sure everyone agrees that we appreciate all of the commenting you do on other blogs…as well as your own posts. Keep up the great blogging!

Carl, glad to have you and just to help you out, here’s the full URL for your MLBlog. Everyone, always be sure to include your full URL wherever you comment!

Jen, glad you’re here and on our Twitter as well, keep it up and tell those classmates to start MLBlogs, too! Everyone loves baseball!

Thanks for keeping us posted about where we rank. I think it’s cool to see this stuff. =)

~King of Cali

YAY!!!!!! I’m so excited, you have no idea!!!! Thank you, Mark, and thank you bloggers!!!! I shouldn’t have checked this during class because I’m sure my classmates think I’m nuts!

I’m doing my best, and hope to be on the list sooner than later! Keep the good work going you all!

Thanks again Mark for all you do to us! Okay – I have to find another #4 to dedicate my ranking to! I’ll get back to you! Hey – is the race you’re running this weekend? If so – good luck & stay warm!


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