Driving more traffic to your MLBlog

Thought you might appreciate this.

And here is some more Random MRA:


bigpapi72, He does a Top 100 only because it was the year’s top bloggers. He usually does a “Latest Leaders” with the top 50 bloggers alot, but it really is when he decides he wants to. There is no real timetable for the Latest Leaders.

Mark I’m sorta new here. How often do you put a top 100 or top 25 list up?

Thanks, Bigpapi72, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

OK, ignore my last comment. It’s all good since I posted my latest entry.


OOh, yay, I’m on the MRA for the first time!

Hey guys…I just posted my own Phillies version of The Night Before Christmas. Hope you like it…consider it my Holiday gift to everyone! Happy Holidays!



I don’t know what the deal is, but something really freaky just happened to my blog. I deleted this “non-entry”, but it won’t go away from my page. Anyway, very odd. My “blog edit center” claims this entry doesn’t even exist. Is there like some master Mlblogs computer that can delete anything from any blog, because I’ve tried my best to fix it, but have failed. I won’t die from a YouTube embed code, though. Just sort of annoying.


Hey all,
I also have added the Stats counter to my blog back in September like the baseball snatcher. I believe Mark talked about that counter back then. Anyways, it gives me a great idea of what days my blog gets hit the most, so I will try and put a better blog up on those days until the readership gets cranking.

But some one here do not need to do that. “Confessions of a She-fan” and ” Red State/Blue State” just have the right stuff. “Rockpile Rant” is also fast becoming a favorite of mine. They show their writing skills off now that baseball has been crawling on it’s knees during the Winter. Just imagine how good they will be when all the action hits the sports sections!

Rays Renegade


We certainly have built a nice community here. It has come a long way since I started back in February. With Bally getting in on the action, my only wish is that more players like him were involved to the degree that he is: updating his blog, and acknowledging our (us non-players, non-pros) existence. It’s such a cool thing to see him active. Hope it continues.

He does take good care of the community. I wouldn’t expect him to be so involved but he is. Good work Mark.

Hey Mark, those are great ideas. I’ve been using the Stat Counter since September and I find it an extremely useful tool…D

Thanks for the article Mark! You take such good care of us. Hope you didn’t get caught in the snow yesterday.


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