Random MRA

You know that feeling when the Most Recent Activity feed on the MLBlogs.com
homepage cycles so quickly that you’re there one minute and practically
gone the next? I’m going to occasionally post a Random MRA just to
freeze that moment in time for a while. Sorry if you’re not on it.
Thirteen will be and the others won’t. Hey, it’s 13 more PR
possibilities…better than nothing. They’ll be random. Latest Leaders coming soon.


Great idea Mark. But what do you mean “random”? I know there must be some way you pick. Do you just look at a list of blogs and click 13 with your eyes closed? Or do you get a monkey?

Hey, I don’t mind more readers, hopefully the random MRA will increase traffic at my blog. Right now I’m trying to organize a year by year look at the Phillies since the team’s first season of 1883. Right now, just trying to get it organize is the present stubbling block. That, and how I want to present it. But, if I can get it done, I plan to make it a weekly thing until the start of Spring Training. At least, it’ll keep me busy while waiting to see what the team does during the off-season.🙂 And hopefully it’ll interest folks here.

Bring it on fellow bloggers…I told you I’m going for number one…It’s getting fun now…D

I will never say no to more people reading about the Tampa Bay Rays. I know I have had over 8,000 hits since the beginnig of October, and want to thank anyone and everyone who have glanced at my pages.

And the ride starts again in 9-or so weeks…………

Rays Renegade


All I know is that TBB is going to be flying high in the Latest Leaders. My Google Analytics is telling me I am getting x3 the visitors, and I thank those that are visiting the site!

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