MLBlogs Network system update

Thanks for everyone’s patience today. Perennial powerhouse Google, the evil empire, apparently trying to hold off upstart Cuil in the National League Search standings, decided to slam our server with bots and thus rendered it virtually useless. It was Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp and msnbot, mainly.

LogicWorks hosts our MLBlogs, and they tell me the majority of that traffic has been blocked at firewall and that the load on servers has dropped, thus allowing legitimate traffic to be processes. The next step is setting up a robots.txt file to prevent such episodes from occurring in the future. Performance for should be better now, and please feel free to report here.

Could this have anything to do with Cuil and renewed attention on search market share? Did Google have to do this before the trade deadline? It is a mystery. But as always, baseball perseveres. It is unstoppable. No one can get in its way.

This just in: Brian Duensing, the Twins’ Triple-A lefty, is going to be the player MLBlogger for’s coverage of the Summer Olympics starting next week in Beijing. Stay tuned.

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