Josh Hamilton Reruns

Am I an obsessed baseball fan if I want to spend every night watching Josh Hamilton’s 28-HR Round 1 in the State Farm Home Run Derby?

It’s on ESPN2 now and I am enjoying it as much as I did in person. Hammy, crush No. 18 for a 518-footer. Erin, grab him right afterwards for an interview. Reggie, say how much the fans were treated the way you used to treat them.

I don’t mean to diss Justin Morneau but that is going to stand the test of time for me. I was at Ripken’s 2131, Big Mac’s 62, Dr. J’s Last House Call, etc, etc…and Hammy’s 28 is always going to have a special place no matter what. I’d watch the rerun all the time.

And the most amazing part is that it only set the stage for the best All-Star Game ever. What’s funny is that here at, and among the voting populace, we made such a huge deal over Ryan Braun charging from nowhere to become the No. 1 starting outfielder in the N.L. — and yet what’s more memorable now is the other Ryan, Ludwick, replacing him in the seventh inning and proceeding to play the last nine innings. A full regulation game.

It’s just so weird. Looking back at that week, you remember the HR Derby runnerup more than the winner, and you remember the guys who played the last nine or 10 innings more than those who garnered all those votes to start. OK, back to trade talk


I didn’t see much of Hamilton’s 28-HR round, but I did see the final vs. Morneau. It was clear that Hamilton was worn out. I agree that Hamilton’s round will be remembered longer than Morneau’s win, but Ripken, McGwire and Dr. J…I don’t think so.

You’re all kidding, right?

I suppose everyone just doesn’t get it.

You’re comparing an ex-junkie hitting 28 BATTING PRACTICE home runs to Cal Ripken’s 2131 consecutive games streak, and Mark McGwire’s 62 HR’S.

Another blogger stated that The Babe built Yankee Stadium and that Hamilton “tore it down.” And yet another called getting piches “grooved” to him by a 71-year old…… “it was more than baseball.”

OMG…Are you all 12-year olds? Is this what you refer to as Yankee Stadium memories?

Remember, according to the rules of Home Run Derby, hitters get to choose which pitch to swing at and their hand-picked batting practice pitchers even ask where to throw the pitch and how fast, or slow.

Ex-Jet coach Herman Edwards once termed the phrase, “you play to win the game.”

By using up all his (and that of his 71-year old pitcher) energy during the 1st round, Hamilton had nothing left when it came down to winning the competition and that left the door open for Justin Morneau to “win the game.”
Just exactly how many 518-foot home runs did Hamilton hit when he faced “real live piching” during the All Star game the following night?

Some of you have labled Hamilton’s effort as “speechless, unbelievable….and a Mastercard commericial waiting to happen.”

If you really want a worthwhile memory, try Reggie hitting three consecutive World Series home runs on three consecutive pitches from three different Dodger pitchers in three different innings.

The roar of the crowd generated by Reggie’s last blast to dead-centerfield is truely the type that would have torn down Yankee Stadium.

There have been hundreds and perhaps thousands of Kodak moments at The Babe’s house, and the home run derby sure isn’t among them.

Here is my obsessive idea:
It is a promotional idea for In order to promote and baseball in general. My idea is a mobile baseball blogging RV unit. One that travels cross country through towns and cities visiting baseball stadiums along the way. Blogging videoing and photographing the whole experience. Providing fresh content about the road trip experience from a baseball fan/snaggers point of view.

The blog would be updated every couple of hours, even when traveling on the road, so there would always fresh content (from an online advertising point of view). We would blog about where we are, what we are seeing, the towns we travel through, and the people we meet along the journey. Seriously promoting baseball and the whole way. We would need a small RV blasted with sponsership, camera sponsorship, of course sponsorship. Maybe get Stub-Hub to sponsor and provide the tickets for the seats needed to snag at each stadium. We could wear special shirts and big floppy hats(go figure) so we could be spotted.. With good seats during the games the TV visibility would be high. Imagine TV shots of the mobile blog unit catching home run balls. Imagine..After the game..head out to the Mobile blogging RV, and blog about the game, batting practice, fans and the overall stadium experience.

I originally thought it would be cool to do this in a VW bus. But that might get old quick. There would have to be at least two people so each could photograph the other and share the driving. Anyways this idea has been in my brain for a while now and if there is no interest anywhere I may have to make this happen on my own. I think it could be a really good thing for all involved..Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate your input..

Thanks Mark…Don..RPR

obsession and baseball kind of go hand in hand these days.
i would looove to watch that performance by ham every day of the week. there was magic in that night, as well as the night that followed. ruth built the house, but josh tore it down. though i almost couldn’t believe what was happening in the 1st round [mainly because it was almost too good to be true that the guy who had been to hell and back would be the guy that would be making history] i think i was loving it more in the 3rd round, when josh became the underdog and the entire crowd at yankee stadium rose to their feet and tried to will him to victory. i only wish i could of been there. that was more than baseball.

I’m an obsessed fan, too. But I only started during last year, and I learned quickly. It was a game between the Mariners and the Yankees. I seemed to learn everything quickly, and after a few days it became my passion. I have a couple of memories already that I can tell my grandkids in 60, 70 years. Josh Hamilton’s HR Derby monster show will be one of those memories.

-EJ/Kid From New York

Yes, Mark, you’re an obsessed fan, but you’re not alone. I was flipping between the Cards, Cubs and Sox (White) games before I landed on that re-run and I watched it like I was seeing it for the first time. Unbelievable. Speechless. A Mastercard commerical waiting to happen…

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