The Prince of New York’s 2008 Baseball Guide

BookcoverMLBlogger Paul Lebowitz has a new book out, "The Prince of New York’s 2008 Baseball Guide." Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Thanks to Michael at Some Ballyard for plugging it. I went to Amazon and ordered one for the MLB office here. As Michael noted, "The book is a small price to pay to encourage a fine independent sportswriter and allow him to ply his trade."

Elsewhere around the Sphere:

FANS ON THE FIELD is the latest at this moment to be excerpted/featured at the bottom of the new homepage. Reminder to feel free to leave a comment here with a roughly 15-to-20-word excerpt from within your MLBlog to be considered for that daily change. . . . Welcome to our newest player blogger, Opening Day starter Joe Blanton of the A’s. Gotta give props to my colleague Mychael Urban, our A’s beat writer, for coming up with the suggestion of "Big Joe’s Bluegrass Blog." Blanton loved it and we look forward to his posts; he won’t be happy that Kentucky just got booted from the first round of the Big Dance for the first time since the Pleistocene. . . . Another good new Yankee blog here.


Thanks for the plug and the purchase, Mark. I hadn’t checked the Blogosphere site until now.


The Opening in Japan went over great with the locals. Wish you could have seen the samuri show during the pre game show. 44,700 for each night!

finally heading home..


Hi Mark! Here is my 15-20 word submission to be considered for showcasing on the homepage:
“Maybe somebody needs to kick some dirt on Lou’s shoes and get his attention.”



Prose and Ivy

Any way you can get Jacoby Ellsbury blogging alongside Youk?
By the way, “good” and “Yankee” should not be put in the same sentence. Those two words just don’t mesh.


Hi Mark,

What is the procedure for being listed in the “Active Roster” section? Thanks, Jeff

That’s awesome, Mark. Thanks.

Of course, if the Phillies end up winning the division, throngs of visitors will have the same opinion of me that my wife does — that there ain’t much thought behind what I say (or blog).

Ah, better to be read and thought a fool than not to be read at all. (Or would only a fool think that?)


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