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How do you like the new homepage? We just relaunched it overnight. It’s a tradition at the start of every season, all based on a lot of around-the-clock data research and feedback and use of technology. And as always, it takes some getting used to. Then after a day or two you can’t even remember what the old version looked like. You can leave your comments on our company blog. Get ready for a lot of major changes, including all club homepages and…

Right here. (After three years…I can’t wait.)

One thing I am sure you will love about the new homepage: We will excerpt and link to a different/interesting MLBlog every day. Started with a Braves fan. I encourage MLBloggers to leave comments here with exactly what you would love included in that spot…that was about 14 words for that space at the bottom of the hompage. It will make it a little easier than us trying to scan through countless blogs, and it’s going to be infinitely harder very soon.

Great post about blogging by Paul Bodin at today. Worth a look. I especially like the kicker quote: "I can’t stop reloading." Anyone who has profiles all over the Internet can relate.


for your consideration….

“there weren’t any snow-outs this year, but your dream of an Opening Day sans the Yankees came true. Don’t get used to paradise. They play tomorrow.”


Love the new page, still hate videos starting right away when i’m at work though….. not that I’m doing things I shouldnt at work….. but it’s great to see what the fans have to say in thier own words.


BUZZY is Back!

I like the new page quite a bit. You have to keep things fresh and find ways to make things more accessible all the time. So thanks, MLB.

I also want to thank you enormously for excerpting my blog on the site. What an honor as an amateur blogger posting out of a labor of love to see a few of my words on the site.

I’m very proud to be blogging here at and have enjoyed the friendships, connections, insights, and especially the joy I’ve experienced since I began this hobby of mine.

Thanks again, Mark and keep swing by the site.

You can also catch me at


Great to see more of a presence on the MLB homepage!


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