Roll Call

Welcome to:

Steve Stewart. He had an incredible "Bad Boy" MLBlog while broadcasting Reds games alongside Marty Brennaman, and now that he’s a new Kansas City Royals broadcaster, please welcome him back with a comment at From the Booth with Steve Stewart.

Andruw Jones and Heath Bell. First of all, that’s an incredible hitter-pitcher matchup that we want to see in the ninth inning of a close game this season. They are blogging from the MLB China Series 2008, another chance to interact with Major Leaguers. As you follow Dodgers vs. Padres in that breakthrough series, keep an eye out for their latest updates.

Dan Weisman. Don’t know him? Stop by.

A Lonestar in California. Yet another really good Rangers blog.

Big changes in the works around here, completely different, to be rolled out in phases this season to make the best baseball blogging community even better. I appreciate everyone’s constructive input in recent months. Will have lots of details for everyone closer to Opening Day.


The rule of thumb is to quote Jack Buck:

Go crazy, folks, Go crazy!

Our overall deal at MLB with AP includes MLBlogs since it’s an MLBAM property. And most Getty stuff. Outside of MLBlogs, people are on their own. Let’s say you see a Giselle or Kanye shot that you want to add for whatever reason because your blog is wide-ranging, I’d just use your own judgment. If it says it’s copyrighted, you might err on the side of caution. But honestly MLBlogs is three years old and no issue ever has arisen with images. Ever.


Thanks for the welcome – I’ve really enjoyed MLBlogs so far. It’s a great place to blog.

Quick question: what’s the rule of thumb involving the use of photos around here? Do I have to worry about any copyright stuff or anything?

– Jon, the Lonestar in California

I’m really excited to see Heath Bell here on MLBlogs. He became an instant fave after I got to play catch with him from the seats at Shea Stadium a few years ago. Here’s my blog entry about that day (for those who never saw it):

-The Baseball Collector

Just wanted to let y’all know about

I’d love for people to stop by and let me know what they think as the season gets going!

I’m looking forward to a great 2008. It’s going to be a lot of fun with some awesome bloggin’

Talk to you soon!


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