Three MLB2K8 reviewers ready to rock

Mlb2k8Updated 5:03 pm ET Friday — XBox, PS3 and Wii games were all shipped today to volunteer MLBloggers who were interested in an audience of 10 million users…thanks for everyone’s interest!

OK, time to continue our very successful 2007 project of giving MLBloggers stuff to review in exchange for an byline. There were a lot of those last season, it was a win-win-win, and now here was our first 2008 call for content in the MLBlogosphere community.

The MLB2K8 video game is about to show up in the Shop. We have just overnighted a game in advance to three MLBloggers who volunteered to review one over XBox, PS3 or Wii systems. It’s a free game and an byline for the MLBloggers who stepped up. The assignment was to simply immerse yourself in the game, and then write a review (400 words in the 500-to-1000 word range) that will be due by the end of the night on this Monday. Mainly: Have fun.

This is scheduled to be a panel presentation on’s homepage the middle of next week, along with a main news story by an writer about the new game with all the features and quotes from the game’s executive producer, and there will be video of MLB players enjoying this games as well. It’s a big deal for gamers, and MLBlogs will be involved. The MLBloggers chosen can blog about their own review after it has been posted if they wish.

EMAIL ME NOW if you are interested in reviewing it for XBox only specify which of the three systems you will use.

Here was the assignment: Obviously looking for enthusiastic, upbeat reviews that match the excitement of this game. Each story should capture that excitement on the different game system. Pack as much detail in those 400 words as you can. For example, whoever reviews the game on Wii is going to have a much different experience. I finally got to see what all the excitement there is about last month when I played Wii tennis with my sons…a video game that’s actually physical. So those three reviews should be quite a bit different. Each will be represented in the package, so fans have their choice of which one they want to read based on their system.

Having said that, who wants a free MLB2K8 and byline? Please state your case in email here. Have to hurry up and get this shipped now so probably first-come, first-serve for XBox. Be sure to include your home address for overnight shipping as you’re going to get it on the weekend as this point. Please start emailing now.

Everyone will be able to find the three reviews prominently displayed for about 10 million users. I’m sure we’ll do more of this in the very near future.

Only at MLBlogs!!!

— Mark/

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I think it’s great that you’re giving people an opportunity to do this. I don’t own any of the necessary game systems (still enjoying my old-school Nintendo and Arkanoid machine), but I look forward to reading the reviews nonetheless.

-The Baseball Collector

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