Login issue resolved

Update 10 a.m. ET Saturday, March 1: Login issue resolved. Thanks for your patience, also to those who were unable to create blogs the last few days. Should be all-OK now. Happy blogging, and how about that Juan Gone Back in a Redbird suit. Apologies for anyone having login issues. Some login requests are going straight to a generic MLB.com template. It’s a known issue, and most often simply refreshing or hitting back and then trying again works. As a temporary workaround, just paste this URL into your browser and you should go to the login page: https://mlblogs.mlb.com/t/app


To get around the problem I had, I just logged in, got the screen Beth mentioned, and then selected my blog from my favorites again and was able to write and edit like usual.

how about getting my site Sox Florist/ rick.mlblogs.com under the Red Sox heading. not sure why i am not there.

No offense, and I’m sure you’re working on it….but this has been annoying me for months now. When I log in, instead of going to my blog’s control panel, I’m sent to some other page asking me to pick a subscription option.

This is the page I keep getting sent to: http://www.mlb.com/subscriptions/mlblogs/redirect.jsp

I have no problems logging in, it’s getting past the log-in stage that I am getting annoyed with.

Thanks, it seems to be happening once in a while. I also had a problem on the multimedia page today trying to listen to a game. Thanks for getting this resolved!



I had a couple of issues yesterday and today, but after clicking the “back” button, and refreshing, it seemed to work okay.


Yeah, I had some problems logging in the other night and found myself temporarily unable to fix a couple typos on my blog. Not the end of the world. I knew you guys would have everything up-n-running soon.

In other news, I recently posted a BUNCH of pics of the construction of Citi Field. If anyone’s interested, here’s the link:


-The Baseball Collector

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