It’s Our Season Now


It’s time to give a Say-Hey to brand-new Sphere rookies like The Baseball Diet, Fenway Franks, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, Who’s your tiger?, 90 Feet to Home, Reds Field Level, Perfect Pitch and for anyone who ever wondered what it’s like to live out a dream, Joe Fuller Red Sox Fantasy 08. Also to Nat-King, who’s reppin’ Washington as they get ready for a gorgeous new ballpark.

In honor of our friend Bill over at Phightin’ Phils Phorum, whose profile pic features the Citizens Bank Park dugout phones, we thought we would post a dugout phone shot from our own digital pic…and many other summertime fixtures just to help set the tone here. That includes a shot I took of Willie Mays above the night before the Dream Induction last July in Cooperstown. Baseball. It’s our season now, so let’s clean out the Canon Powershot.

To start out, remind yourself of the sweetest swing. Not once in this person’s career has it resulted in anything short of 30 home runs and 100 RBIs. No Major League career ever has compared so far. I took this during the 2006 NLCS at Shea…

This will be the last year that anyone ever will call from these phones in the Yankee Stadium home dugout:


This unquestionably gets transplanted in the new Yankee Stadium for 2009 — and it will even be the 60th anniversary of the date that Joltin’ Joe said it. Yankees traditionally slap this overhead as they walk the tunnel from clubhouse to dugout.


Yeah, right:


Oops, where did this come from. There’s a new Joe. This one’s gone Hollywood.




I took this video at Big Cat Country inside Comerica during the 2006 World Series.

What’s on tap across the street from Fenway. In 2007, believe it or not, I made my first-ever pilgrimage to the legendary park. I wound up spending most of my October there, standing next to Papelbon and Youk as they did their strut on the infield following Game 7 vs. Cleveland.


The best food known to man…


And even better here (picture from my fat pre-running days)…


Check out this video. My favorite one from my own camera. Jeremy Bonderman rescues everyone around him during a Tiger BP session:

Two friends and "geniuses" whose teams’ 2007 seasons did not end the way they had hoped — another lesson that what we expect rarely will happen:


Terrific Tom is just a great memory around Shea Stadium. After 2008, Shea Stadium itself will be nothing more than a memory to Mets fans. Think back to the Summer of ’69, and what it was like on this field. Maybe Shea will go out in style now that they have another pretty dominating pitcher in the fold and the guy who I think is the best player in the National League (David Wright).


Cub fans can’t wait to get into the gates for their 100th anniversary season…


Bless every usher, from the youngest at any ballpark to all of those senior citizens who wipe the rain off your seat at the Friendly Confines and help you find your way.


This, to me, is baseball. It is the consistent knock of a bat on a baseball, spraying them around a place like Chase Field (below) to keep a swing honed over more than half a year. It is players and coaches hanging around the cage, exchanging banter for 162-plus. It is the nucleus of the game — BP, and attempted execution follows it every time.


Valentine’s Day is almost here. Pitchers and catchers and ballpark dogs and BP and rickety Fenway seats and Pujols’ swing and Comerica fun and Wrigley optimism and New York nostalgia and the game we embrace every year again at this time. True love.

UPDATE 2/6: Take a look at the fourth comment on the MLBlog of David Mickey Evans, director of "The Sandlot" and the recent major motion picture "The Final Season." It’s Kent Stock, who was portrayed in "The Final Season." That’s pretty cool.


awesome pics. please add the rookie blog “Red State Blue State” to the list of MLB Blogs.

Hey, I am starting a fantasy baseball league with MLB bloggers only. Do you think you could help me promote that?

Well Hey right on back to you!Thanks for the welcome and awesome pix from around the org!

Pujols really DOES have an awesome swing…and how many other righties can you say that about?

Thanks for sharing that link on my blog. I hadn’t seen that ’til you pointed it out.

-The Baseball Collector

Hey, Jimmy, glad you like them — I could upload about 200 more and just keep going but it would be a really long and bad-etiquette scroll! Have fun.



Great Pictures, especially the Joe DiMaggio quote from 1949…

“I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee”

…Joe DiMaggio

I could add one word to that quote, and it would apply to me…

“I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee fan”…..Jimmy Curran

The images you posted set a perfect tone to get us all ready for Baseball again! I can’t wait for the 2008 Season to begin! …

Only 10 days until the start of Spring Training…

Think Spring!!!

Take care, Mark!


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