Bring on Opening Day

Finish2Updated after the Super Bowl: My unquestioned objective in life is to tie everything that is good in the world to baseball, and I do it in the form of hundreds of articles each year. That includes writing a regularly updated story on the homepage main panel during every Super Bowl, and you can find the latest one there now. I had to share with you this email from a crestfallen Patriots fan in Red Sox Nation, and I can’t think of a better way to remind us all of how much Yankees and Red Sox fans love each other and how I can’t wait for that regular season finale between those two clubs at Fenway Park: " Your unduly ebullient recounting of the The Giant’s (sic) victory leaves my stomach unsteady. I’ll attribute it to that niggling
"Objectivity" you journalist-types get all puffy about.  Yes, the
Giants won, yes Mr. Manning had a good game and won the MVP one following his
brother, yes I needed to have a kitchen knife wrested from my trembling hands as
I tried to plunge it into my carotid artery." Have at it, MLBloggers!

OK, I had to throw a running picture on here so I can look back on a typical balmy August afternoon at the ballpark and see how it felt to be really cold after running the Manhattan Half-Marathon last weekend, two laps around Central Park. By the way, PR baby – 2:18.58. Next 26.2 mile voyage is April 6 St. Louis Marathon, so I get to train during Spring Training, too. Any runners, hit me up. . . . We want to welcome our friends over at the Colorado Rockies front office, because now they have their own official MLBlog — Rockies Inside Pitch. It’s another unique opportunity for a team’s fan base to comment and interact directly with their club, for information minus the traditional media filter. . . . Kids say the funniest things. Just ask Twins pitcher Kevin Slowey, who blogged about the questions they just asked him. And by the way, feel free to leave a comment on Slowey’s post asking him what he thought about the Johan Santana deal. Santana to the Mets? All I can say is this is going to be one unreal Sendoff Season for both New York ballparks, with a Sendoff Series certainly not an impossibility. . . . It’s amazing how many teams you could easily pick right now as world champs. I’m going down the list and literally could do that with more than half the clubs and have no problem with it. But out of everyone, the Angels look scariest to me. What an outfield, what a team. MLBlogs are made for preseason predictions, might as well leave yours here with URLs. . . . Sixers Dancers vs. Phillies Ballgirls. . . . How many people plan to liveblog every game this season? . . . Now that it’s February, and football officially hands off to baseball, what are you main blogging plans for this season? Have fun.


Think I’ll blog a bit about MLBlogs😉

Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

I am very glad baseball is just around the corner. Football season always drags on too long.

As far as my plans for blogging, I plan to not only blog about games this year, but also about trade rumors, assessments about my team and their rivals, happenings surrounding the team, and hopefully stimulate some great debates. 2008 is the year of the Phillies!



Exclusive Interview w/ NY Post’s Joel Sherman!!!

Join BASEBALL TALK Radio w/ Carl the Cabbie & Dugout Joe at 12:00 Noon EST this Sunday.

Start your Super Bowl Sunday right with BASEBALL TALK.

If you want to talk to Joel Sherman, call 646-478-4570. We promise you’ll get on!

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See ya Sunday

Carl The Cabbie

The Angels look scary ? Ahh nop. Dodgers baby !!!


Jimmy – thanks for the heads-up and I think that’s a post a lot of fans will love because it captures the fun and excitement of Spring Training approaching.

Hey, Ash, great list and like the paragraph above, that’s the kind of thing we’re looking to promote…capturing the excitement and anticipation in a pastime that will break record overall attendance and smash traffic records for a fifth straight year! Unbelievable how fast those Red Sox tickets have gone…amazing. Sign of the times…you see it everywhere.


Hi Mark! Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked my sarcastic look on the off season. I am very excited for the season to get started.. and irritated. Which is why I decided to write something like that. Did you put the blog I wrote on the main page? That was really cool to see. If you did – thanks! If not, thanks to whoever did. Have a good weekend & good luck with your running🙂


Hi, Mark!

My name is Jimmy Curran, and this is the first time I have sent you a comment!…

First, congratulations on your excellent run in the Manhattan Half-Marathon!

It’s still a goal of mine to run and finish a marathon, so I’m always inspired to watch and read about all those who do train, run, and finish these races. I have a long way to go before I will be in shape, and properly trained to run in a race, but it is something I really want to do!

Hopefully, one day it will happen, and I will feel the excitement of crossing the finish line of my first Marathon! My training starts shortly, so I look forward to the warm and hot days of Spring and Summer! I feel confident that one day I will achieve this goal!

Anyway, its now just about two months since I started my MLBlog: “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”…Blogging has really been fun, and it made the baseball off-season [is there really an off-season in baseball, anymore?] so much more enjoyable!…

My latest Post, “Twelve Days Before Spring Training”, offer some interesting thoughts for Yankee fans – to help them get through the last couple of weeks until Spring Training begins…

It would be great if you would check it out, Mark. I look forward to your thoughts and comments [on my new Post, and, also, any other Posts you may find interesting on my MLBlog…

Take care, Mark. Hope to hear from you soon!



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