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In case you missed it, there was a good article on page B6 of the Wall Street Journal today (Tuesday), Marketplace section. Headline: "New Services Help Bloggers Bring in Ad Revenue." It wasn’t posted on wsj.com (at least not yet), but if you can find it, it’s worth a look. The first graf reads:

"If you’re not making money off your blog, 2008 might be the year.

"As more people see potential in earning money off the Internet, there is a quickly expanding array of advertising services and tools for bloggers that go well beyond the standard pay-per-click text ads or display ads."

It goes on to say that starting Feb. 1, SD-based V2P Communications is offering 5-to-8-second audio ads, called NetAudioAds, that will automatically play when a visitor lands on a blog or website. Publishers sign up for the free service and V2P then lines up advertisers, who bid on rates they will pay to have their ads played on a given blog. Bids generally start around $14 per 1,000 plays. Blog publishers get a 25% cut of the ad revenue. About 25,000 publishers have signed up so far, according to the company’s co-founder, Michael Knox.

The article says Revver Inc.’s Revver.com also is expected to gain traction this year with ads connected to videos. It lets advertisers tack on ads to videos uploaded to the video-sharing site. Publishers who then put those vids on their sites earn 20% of all ad rev generated from plays of the vids on their blogs. And it notes that Google released Video Units last October, allowing its Ad Sense customers to add YouTube vids to their sites and have ads appear on the video player.

It was interesting to read in the article that the guy who owns ProBlogger.net — a popular blog that teaches other bloggers how to make money — reportedly cashed in on about $250K for doing just that in 2007, thanks to ads on the three blogs he writes.

It looks like some key advancements that I noted often in 2007 are in the offing here, and I hope by Opening Day. No details yet but it’ll be a lot different (this is still Six Apart’s Typepad 1.0 app here), and whatever we do, you can expect that any existing archived blogging will be exportable (although a reminder that exporting typically only carries text, not graphics). In the meantime, happy blogging here, and a welcome to MLBlogs rookies like the person who just launched I Love LA.

No one can mistake us, we’re the ones who get excited reading that Ervin Santana combined with Damaso Marte and Carlos Marmol for a no-hitter in the Dominican Winter League. Bring it on.


I echo your sentiments about a blogger for each team.


I’d love to be considered for that when it happens. Where do I send my resume?



NYY´s very strongly a game to show!

But, how does a playgame tickets from Brazil?



Nice article on blogging revenue streams Mark.

As you know, I played around with ad streams from numerous companies last year and the best performance I received was with Google’s AdSense system. It’s hard to beat.

Bloggers also need to know that they can get scammed too. I tried one system that promised larger payoffs, generated the required clicks, and then they closed their doors. Two weeks later I suspected they took on a new name doing the same thing. So be careful everyone.

BTW Mark, I’m still waiting for the day MLBlogs hires one blogger for each team to be associate contributors. 😉

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