One month to go

One month until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training! I wrote a one-month survival guide for millions of fans just like you on the homepage today, and one fan named Kristen was the first to email about it so I’m showcasing a link outside the MLBlogosphere here. She wrote: "We have a Nats blog ( ) and can’t wait for our new stadium. I forwarded your piece to all the crazy
baseball fans I know who can’t wait to count down the next 30 days. Thanks!" That is the kind of enthusiasm that is out there ready to bust loose as always at this time of year. You can also feel it at all of these FanFests that are happening. The Braves’ event over the weekend was especially spectacular this year, and typically Cubs and Cards fans will be doing anything to get in an autograph line at a warm hotel ballroom this coming weekend. How great is it to see that Countdown Clock show up on the homepage this morning? Let’s figure out a Super Bowl champ and bring on the day life begins again.

Scott Rolen for Troy Glaus. See what beat writers Matthew Leach (Cardinals) and Jordan Bastian (Blue Jays) had to say about this matter in their MLBlogs. Size that one up yourself, too.

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