Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone here at MLBlogs, and best wishes for your team’s 2008 season!

My annual "The Last Word" essay has been on the MLB.com homepage as 2007 gave way to 2008, and feel free to post your own final words about the past year in baseball and any thoughts you might have after reading the article.

We’re now into our fourth different calendar year of MLBlogs, and I remember a lot of the skeptics who blogged in various places in April 2005 about how there never could be a business model for premium blogs. It’s growing strong! There continue to be many fan MLBloggers who have developed very substantial followings in terms of page views, as this is the only place where you can legally put MLB marks and logos on a source of digital content (nice not to get harrassed by Legal!). Just see someone like Jake at Bucco Blog if you want tips on how to grow a huge crowd of your own, and we’ll keep doing our part by including you on the MLBlogs Active Roster.

Welcome to all the new signups over the holidays! You know, people like this Phillies MLBlogger who wrote in his intro text (increased text size ours because this rocks):

"Just got this new MLBlog from my son for Christmas and this is my first post. My son (8) and daughter (9) both got to go to their first baseball playoff game last season when we drove down for the first game of the playoffs in Philly. It was of course a shame they lost, but still a great experience, and brought back memories of attending the World Series in 1980 and the playoffs in 1993. Can’t wait to get the new season started…"

Have a great 2008!



Zack at http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com was unofficially the first “fan” MLBlog for anyone who doesn’t know. “Unofficially” because at the time I had hired him to help write Minor League game recaps as we took over production of MiLB.com with Minor League Baseball. So he was technically a BAMMER then before he became a bigtime author out snagging Barry Bonds home run balls. OFFICIALLY, the first fan (paying) MLBlogs subscription was Diane Firstman at Diamonds Are For Humor. Which is shuttered but maybe she’ll come back one day.

To do the wayback thing on any MLBlogs, just click the blog title, and then in the URL field, add “/archives.html” as an extension.

You bet, Bill, thanks. Catching up after the holidays around here. We’ll definitely keep an eye out for the Spring Training blogging.


Can you please add my blog to the MLBlogs Active Roster?

I am getting excited for Spring Training. I am hoping to go to Clearwater and look forward to having full team coverage on my blog!




Great to see that MLBlogs is still going strong.

Happy ’08.

-The Baseball Collector


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