Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from this MLBlog to yours.

Welcome to all the recent newcomers to the MLBlogs community. Before you know it, the lines will be forming for those Winter Warmups, Conventions, FanFests, Caravans or whatever you call the increasingly popular offseason club bashes. Then the pitchers and catchers will head for Arizona and Florida and we’ll start it all over again. I can’t wait, mainly because it’s the hardest thing to do in sports — hitting a pitched baseball with a bat — and it means all is right.

This time of year also means my annual Hall of Fame ballot gets checked and returned to my colleague Jack O’Connell at the Baseball Writers Association of America. I voted for three players on this year’s ballot: Mark McGwire (same as last year), Goose Gossage, Lee Smith. I have to say that after last summer’s incomparable Induction Weekend for Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr., I was very, very tempted to return a blank ballot this time. Here were my Induction memories from last July, and here was my Induction cover story. That weekend may never be topped.

All of the MLB.com writers who vote (am BBWAA lifetime honorary) will write a little something over on the mothership about who and why. Great topic for blogging if you want to say who you’d choose.

Everyone do Rangers closer CJ Wilson a favor and show him that he has more than three dozen viewers. That was funny. He’s a big six-figure page view blogger here, mainly because he blogs so often and he blogs whenever he feels like it and says whatever he feels like.

I hope your holiday season is a wonderful one. Off to St. Louis on my Christmas Eve sleigh…



Happy New Year. I will be very happy if you add the link of my blog in the active roster or Red Sox. It is http://mediasrojas.mlblogs.com
This is the only blog about Boston Red Sox in Sapnish. My best wishes for the new year

Have a safe and healthy New Year.



Have a great Holiday Season! Its going to be a crazy year internationally in 08. How are your groundskeeping skills?



While I’m sure most of my other blog pictures could earn the title “photoshop special,” that is my tree, exactly as it stands right now in my living room. Completely untouched photo (for once).


Bill, will get that done for you. Thanks. – Mark

Merry Christmas Mark. Have a safe and happy new year.

Could you add my link to the active roster under the Phillies?




Hey Mark,

Have a happy and safe Christmas!


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