Happy Holidays

Tree8Happy Holidays to everyone around the MLBlogosphere! Here’s a photo I took last night on my way home from our office at the Major League Baseball Advanced Media headquarters in Manhattan. I also got in some skating there at The Rink this past month. This place is amazing at this time of year, and feel free to post some holiday pics/vids of your own.

Hey, check out the brand-new MLB.com/Entertainment blog if you haven’t seen it already. Our crew out in Hollywood maintains that one and I know I like it already because they were about a half-day faster than CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night in spreading the buzz over the Nutty Buddy. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how the buzz from the youtube video got to AC 12 hours later.

The new MLBlogs just keep coming during the offseason, as usual, while we’re waiting for pitchers and catchers to report in 64 days. Welcome to Prose and Ivy, DodgerAddiction, Halo Fever and others who have just sprung up during the holidays. Welcome to our latest author, Timothy House, who’s here with The Blue Jays Beat. Also welcome back to Zoe at Pick Me Up Some Mets! and any others who took a vacation after the postseason. BTW, if you have a 3-column template such as Zoe’s, you may notice there’s a blank square in the top right; an ad space was deleted and Six Apart will have that matter fixed soon. It only shows up on the 3-column template. We’re also talking with our Six Apart partners about hopeful coming integration of their more modern capabilities, as we’re still using the Typepad 1.0 app (circa our 4/2005 launch) for now.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday season! I’ve been a little busy with a month’s worth of being the gift guru every day on the MLB.com homepage since Thanksgiving…and this is typically the peak buying time for online holider shoppers. Check out those sales and also feel free to blog about your MLB.com Shopping adventures. It’s always cool to hear from people during the conventions/fanfests/winterwarmups/etc who discuss things they bought.



Please add “Red State Blue State” to your MLB blog list. Thanks and best to you! http://redstatebluestate.mlblogs.com/

Mark – Happy Holidays to you and yours! Great Photo.



Hi guys:

I hope that your holiday season is going great. I have a quick question. When I’ve posted new posts, my blog has not appeared in the Recently Updated Weblogs column. I was just wondering why.

All the Best, and Happy Holidays!


Can I be added to the MLBLOGS active roster under the Phillies?




So I’m into college, renewed the blog, and now hopefully I’ll have more time to update sans the week I’m in Hawaii!


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