Offseason means serious blogging

Congratulations to all the Red Sox bloggers here, but really congratulations to all MLBloggers. It was an incredible season of very diverse and impassioned baseball blogging, and one of the great things about having an MLBlog is that now is really gets interesting. The offseason is made for one of these. It’s your place to hyphothesize and to spread the buzz and to post rumors and to pontificate and critique all those moves or non-moves that your favorite team will be making between now and Spring Training. And it’s the only place on the Internet where you can legally blog with the official marks and logos of your favorite Major League Baseball club, so you don’t get hassled by anyone.

Welcome to some MLBlogs rookies like Dan, who’s a NYer in L.A. Welcome to Bear, who just introduced himself on Wednesday at Key’s Baselog. I think everyone should stop by the new blog of Rick and leave a comment about his latest post. Do you think he was right or wrong to spend all that money to take his 3-year-old son with him to Red Sox games this season? What, is there even a question about this? Go tell Rick what you think. And Allen is another Red Sox fan who’s looking for fellow SF Bay Area members of The Nation to get together and keep celebrating. Oh, someone has a Fantasy Camp blog going. That’s a great reason to start one, too.

Survivor: Camden Yards. It’s not a TV show. It’s a new MLBlog. Please welcome a fan who has been in Perennial Hope Mode. The way things have gone lately, next year could be the Orioles’ year. It could be anyone’s year. That was just proven. My 2007 Opening Day prediction of a Rockies world championship did not quite come to pass. But I think it showed that you have a pretty reasonable chance of prognostication success if you go with darkhorses today. Competitive balance is here.

Tommy Lasorda, our pioneer who saved the first-ever MLBlogs post in April 2005 (fittingly enough about Jackie Robinson), has been writing about the autobiography he wrote. If you missed that blog about his book signing, you can find one of his chapters online. Keep the Tommyblog handy all the time. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about Joe Torre now that they’re together in L.A.

It was a unique postseason (think we had enough sweeps?), although on a personal note it was not exactly ideal to finish it up on IV at a Coors Field first aid room stretcher for six innings with a flu/altitude sickness. And to answer Zack’s question, the New York City Marathon was a day unlike any other. Injuries derailed my time but I finished and that just put me in the 1% bracket of people who have run marathons. I encourage anyone to try it, starting with Halfs. Seeing the Mile 20 sign entering The Bronx was a real high, and once you get into Central Park and go under the Mile 24 sign near Cat Hill, at that point you are running with your eyes on the sky and greater forces are carrying you home. The crowds were truly unbelievable, and I mean on the other side of the barricades. If you ever run a marathon, write your name all over your body.

Please be sure to leave a comment here if you start a new blog, as another way to introduce it to everyone. And any time you comment here or any other MLBlog, BE SURE to leave your URL as a breadcrumb. The more comments you leave on other MLBlogs, the more traffic you will get. The more often you post, the more traffic you will get. The more often you show up on the Recently Updated Weblogs feed, the more likely you will show up in that main promo area on Have fun this offseason and make sure your MLBlog is your Hot Stove headquarters.

Recently Updated Photo Albums (have you started yours?):


Today is Nov 13th, Yes that day. The Agents are salivaring, waiting for those big fat checks to come from team owners for their clients, namely A-Rod, Lowell Hunter, Jones to name a few. GMs will decide if they’re better off trading some players. The coming weeks are when some championships are won and lost. As a Dodger fan I know my team has to do something to compete with its division. They desparately need some power in that lineup.


Thanks for answering my question, both here and on blogspot. I don’t have an account over there, so I’ll comment here (if that’s an acceptable thing to do). I read the whole entry from start to finish. Loved the dancing across the finish line and how you really were WITH your dad the whole time. I don’t know if baseball collectors are supposed to cry, but I was **** close. I love the idea of writing your name all over your body. I never would’ve thought about that…and that’s one of the cool things about blogs (and MLBlogs) in general. We get sneak peeks into other people’s worlds and see stuff we never would’ve imagined. I’ve always been a terrible long distance runner. I was the fastest kid in my first grade class, and I’m still pretty quick (especially when there are baseballs to be snagged), but I don’t think I’ve ever run more than two miles at one time. Suddenly, though, as I was reading your epic blog entry (which I encourage EVERYone to check out), I found myself wanting to run a marathon. And I’ve never wanted to before. My newest fantasy is to train for a marathon with my future wife (not that I have one picked out yet). Good luck with your book, too. I look forward to hearing more about that.

-The Baseball Collector

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