The 103rd World Series

BOSTON — Greetings from the 103rd World Series. Ready for the first pitch here at Fenway Park, and can’t wait to once again see Matt Holliday bat, Josh Beckett pitch, umpires ump, official scorers score, managers manage, scoreboard operators operate, Sam Adams sellers selling Sam Adams, program hawkers hawking programs, fans cheering/booing (Red Sox Nation is an amazing scene on the concourses here tonight), and broadcasters broadcasting. Have been writing articles around the clock, and started early today with our first weather story on the homepage.

I want to welcome a couple of World Series blogs that hopefully you will see around for long after the Fall Classic. Representing Red Sox Nation (and really with a perspective of MLB in general) is none other than Tina Cervasio, known to the Nation everywhere as the field reporter for NESN. Really cool to have Tina join the MLBlogosphere. Representing Rockie Nation (can we call it that?) is a new fan MLBlogger who titled her blog Wyoming Cowgirl. It is the diversity of perspective that is so great to see all around MLBlogs, and a great example right now with the Sox and Rox getting under way. Please welcome both of them and leave your URL as a breadcrumb for some extra promo.

Recently Updated Photo Albums:



So, Mark, when do we get to hear about the marathon?!

-The Baseball Collector

Joseph, will do.

Arielle: I have written so many Red Sox stories the past few weeks I figured I hit my quota!

People, please don’t post that you’re dead.

Hey ALL …. Ballhawks never die they just choose a bad way to send off their website after someone they trusted hacks a few passwords, steals some stuff and takes over their paypal account. is DEAD not JOHN WITT!

I do appreciate the emails but I am still here😦


Will you please change my name in the “Mlblogs Active Roster” section to “Statisticianmagician.” Thank you.

Thanks for looking into it. I’ve been in touch with several other bigtime baseball collectors…they all know who John is, but I haven’t yet found anyone who really KNOWS him. We all hope you can help solve this unfortunate mystery.

thank you for bringing that to my attention, zack. sadly, i am checking on it.


Do you know anything about John Witt (aka “MLB Ballhawk”)? According to the latest entry on his MLBlog, it appears that he might have died! Can you confirm this? Check it out:

-The Baseball Collector

where’s your congrats red sox post? i have mine up already

Great pics! Yes, I was at the entire ALCS and was on the infield with the Sox/families while they were celebrating. Great series. Here we go…


I hope you were able to go to Game 7 of the ALCS. It was incredible. I didn’t create a photo album but I posted some of the 700 pictures I took at the game on my blog.

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