Hi from the playoffs

Sorry for the lack of gossip around the Sphere but I’ve been working the postseason for MLB and squeezing in training for a Nov. 4 ING New York City Marathon in any free time. After putting the Cubs to bed, I was moved over to the ALCS and spent today amongst Red Sox Nation before getting the party started at Fenway. Here was my story on the MLB.com homepage today. I was frankly most amazed that most of the Red Sox fans I talked to all over the city were not talking about the Indians, but rather the fallen rivals down in New York. One restaurant cashier said unprovoked, "The real question is how many Yankees will even be back next year. Maybe Jeter. That’s it." I heard one Yankee joke after another. Yankee bloggers, if you are reading this, trust me when I tell you that you are being trashed like never before in your team’s existence right now. It is like shooting ducks in a barrel up there and they are laughing around the clock right now. Back to the story: The coolest part about my Duck Tour ride today was that it crossed the Boston Marathon annual finish line and we all held our arms in the air as if breaking the tape, and that held some personal meaning. Also, I am truly stunned by how many Dunkin Donuts there are in Boston proper and wondering how that happens in a fit society today. How come there aren’t over 60 Oatmeal-n-Berries shops within a 5-mile radius in the heart of Boston instead? No offense against Dunkin Donuts or anything. And by the way my second job in high school a long, long time ago was at one of those places, and I am sure it has come a long way since the owner of that Indiana shop instructed me to take the stale donuts and grind them over a grate and use the crumbs as sprinkles for the next day’s donuts. I had to quit my job because he wouldn’t let me go to the Indiana state high school basketball tournament involving my school, so you can see that I had my priorities right at a very early age. Anyway, it is going to be an interesting series here, and out West I see no reason so far to change my Opening Day prediction on MLB.com (you could look it up) that the Rockies will be in the World Series. If anyone needs anything, just leave a comment Shout here. Jake is the man when it comes to making the cool promotional panels and rotating the Rookies and MLBlogs Active Roster on the MLBlogs.com homepage. And does anyone else think it’s weird that we wound up with four first basemen blogging from the ALCS? That includes Yooooouuuuukkkkk, spelled of course with five o’s, five u’s and five k’s, thanks to MLBloggers votes in his comments when he started earlier this summer.

BTW: I am looking for your favorite Manny being Manny story, any year, if you wouldn’t mind leaving it as a comment…or blog it and put the URL here. Thanks! – Mark


As far as getting trashed by Boston fans…
They just can’t stand the fact that they’ll NEVER be Yankee fans; they’ll ALWAYS be our “little brothers”.




That’s funny that they found the stud but not the diamond. Good story, Pupster.

PS: I love the Manny being Manny moment when he lost his earring on a rehab stint in Pawtucket sliding into third and the groundcrew combed the field to try (unsuccessfully) to find it:

Big Pupi

Hey Mark, I happen to love Manny and Dunkin’ Donuts sausage and egg sandwiches too. I wrote a tasty post about Manny after his ALDS Game 2 walk-off here.


Thanks and good luck in the marathon!

Big Pupi

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