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For anyone who wants to blog about Major League Baseball’s fourth consecutive year of setting the overall attendance record, this belongs to each of you so here is the PDF link:
Download mlb_breaks_singleseason_attendance_record_for_fourth_straight_year_092407_2.pdf

Rich_garces_photoWelcome to all the new MLBloggers, like Frank’s Fastball, Let’s Go Tribe, This is next year! and The Birds Eye View. And of course we have all those President of Red Sox Nation campaign blogs in the house, from
people like Jerry Remy, El Guapo, Sam Horn, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Cindy Brown (head of Boston Duck Boats!) and Big Pupi (who is giving the Yankee squirrel a break). Since we started doing this way back in April 2005, there are always waves and waves of new MLBlogs, and some of them stay around and some of them let their free trials lapse. The regulars in the house know that MLBlogs is a year-round proposition. There is no offseason in baseball blogging, only a stretch without actual MLB games to watch. An MLBlog is the best way to chronicle your thoughts on free agency and everything that happens after this weekend’s final regular season games are played.

OK, we just looked at some interesting MLBlogs traffic numbers. Congrats to our friend Jake over at Bucco Blog, as he finished the July-August period as the most popular fan blog here with 80,869 page views over that two-month stretch. Those are big numbers considering (a) he is not linked from the club’s homepage as with most of the other especially high-traffic MLBlogs, and (b) the Pirates’ record. It shows mostly how resourceful Jake continues to be in employing techniques of creating inbound links from around the overall blogosphere. Leave him comments and maybe he’ll share some pointers with you, because he has been around a while and he gets eyeballs. Frequency = following. Following him among fan MLBlogs during that period were The Baseball Collector, Pick Me Up Some Mets!, Yankees Chick, Thurman Munson Should Be In The Hall Of Fame, ‘Baseball is Heaven’s gift to Mortals’, Bleeding Pinstripes and Diamondhacks.

Our friend Steve at My Brewers has done the computations in case anyone is wondering how the Brewers might pull off what increasingly seems like a needed miracle if they are to get to the postseason instead of the Cubbies. You can see from the math just how unlikely it is at this point (3 1/2 back in the NL Central). Geoff Jenkins and the Crew are back home for this final week, but that will include the final four games against a Padre club battling for its own ticket to October.

Here’s a great use for your MLBlog: Season Review. Write a post divided with subheads for each month, and analyze key developments throughout the season from start to finish. We might want to package a bunch of these with a Season Review promotion here, perhaps tied in with our review coverage whenever that happens. If you do these, please leave a comment with URL.

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Go Phillies.

They say that 2nd place is the first loser, but I’ll gladly accept my spot as the 2nd most visited fan blog.

-The Baseball Collector

Is there some problem logging on to one’s blog?

Hi. I was wondering who I was supposed to e-mail to get my blog on the page where all the Indians blogs are listed and the active roster. If you could direct me who to e-mail, that would be great. Thanks for featuring me here.🙂


Thats ok. Thanks.

Hey, Joe, unfortunately no; that was a special in case in which I asked for some data on the top blogs re page views. You should put one of those hit counter widgets on your blog, just using a Typelist for the code as many others have. They’re pretty accurate from what I’ve seen in the past in a few specific examples. MLBlogs are based on Typepad 1.0 software circa 2005 and doesn’t come with traffic management, sorry.

Mark, Is there anyway that I can see how many times my blog has been viewed? Or could you just tell me? Thanks.


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