President of Red Sox Nation candidates


First of all, Happy 80th Birthday to our friend Tommy Lasorda on this day. Tommy is the trailblazer here, having saved the first-ever MLBlog post on April 18, 2005. If you are wondering how to find his first post with so much time in between, then here’s a tip you need to know. Just click the title at the top of any MLBlog. Then, in the URL field, add the following to the end of that address that you see: /archives.html

So here are the campaign blogs that have been populated so far for President of Red Sox Nation, and more are on the way from the likes of Peter Gammons and Jerry Remy. No matter which team you root for, you have to like a Doris Kearns Goodwin joining the MLBlogosphere.

More to come. In the meantime, enjoy Yankees @ Red Sox. It should be quite a weekend around Fenway, not to mention anywhere that an NL Central, NL West and NL Wild Card candidate is campaigning. Don’t forget to try out the brand-new Chat, which should be an absolute zoo with The Rivalry under way again. Can you imagine separating Yankee and Red Sox fans who are in the same cutting-edge chat rooms? (See below.) Relax, anyone can just use the Ignore option and the loudmouth next to you is muted. Looking forward to the weekend blogs!

PS: Assuming you could have any player blog this October who is on a clinching team, who would you want? Of course, we don’t know the clinching teams yet, but it’s never too early to throw out some desirable bloggers for those teams in the running…and explain why. Thanks!


I moved my interview with Byrnes
to the left sidebar, where it’s easier to find.


I’d say Reggie Willits of the Angels. First off, having a blogger from the Angels is an easy call, as they’re going to be the first club to clinch.

But I recommend Willits as he is a different type of player, a guy with more heart than talent, and a burning desire to be on that field. He has a batting cage in his bedroom, his manager makes him run laps if he hits a home run in batting practice, and he’s come from nowhere to help fill in big holes in the lineup and make a name for himself in Anaheim like nobody since David Eckstein.

Besides, if Reggie Willits starts a blog, then I can take 100% credit for it and anything remotely connected to his blog, the Angels postseason, and the next ten years of the franchise when I run for Red Sox Nation president.

Oops… darn it, I cheer for the wrong team.

I think Jeff Conine of the Mets needs to blog here. “Mr. Marlin” can reveal to his devastated fans why he is playing hopscotch from one hated Fish rival to the next, all while blogging about the post-season. Or at least the four games of the post-season that the Mets will be involved in. Sorry, just slightly bitter that they are being of no help at all in my campaign to crush the wild card hopes of the Phillies.

Thanks – conveyed to our West Regional folks. Would be great.

My interview with Byrnesie is linked in the Sept 14 blog entry, deep in the last third of a rather long article about the three game series with the Giants.

I would like to see a blog by Orlando Hudson, of the Arizona Diamondbacks. O-Dawg is unfortunately out for the rest of the year because of thumb surgery. But he loves to talk, so I suspect he’ll love to blog.


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