Introducing Chat – post feedback here

Here is the link to one of the coolest new features from Major League Baseball Advanced Media: Chat. We will be using this community blog not only to discuss life around MLBlogs and your blogging software, but also our new community products such as this one. At anytime from a half-hour or hour before game time through 10 minutes after the game’s conclusion, you can access one of the many chat rooms for any game being played. This is a whole lot different than our traditional moderated chat for MLB personalities. It will be accessible from MLB.TV’s media player or any Gameday app — wherever there is live Major League Baseball happening. You already are registered at if you are posting or commenting here at MLBlogs, so all you need is a username, and then head there, choose an avatar and try it out! Each chat room will hold a max of 25 fans, and you’ll know which ones are most full and which ones are more intimate settings. As always, we want to hear your feedback so that any improvements along the way can be made based on your valuable opinion. Please use this comment space below for your thoughts about Chat as well as anything going on around the MLBlogs community. Thanks. – Mark Newman/


the ******* took that chat rooms down.


I am very unhappy with the announcers on TBS they are very basis As a philly fan we can’t even have our own announcers,
All we her is about the Brewes it is sicknig.

I cant get into the chat rooms as it saying that i am not authorised.

the chat isn’t working. when logging on I get a 401 unauthorized message.

weel theey have it for spring tranning

MLB needs to fix the problems they already have with MLB.TV before they add more things that cause even more problems. I mean come on, stream lags, freezes, and cut-offs during a key play, you need to restart the stream, and then sit through a **** commercial and miss the replay too???? Now the chat will cause even more problems with site traffic and make it worse. And does tech support EVER respond to emails or answer calls? Never – I’ve tried no less than a dozen times to email and call them this season, and always hang up when my hold time reaches 90 minutes and my monthly minutes are wasted.

how do you change your name?

It would be nice if there was a way to be in a room with only friendly fans. I am a Royals fan and it gets pretty rough with Royals bashing. If there was a way to have a Royals fans only room that would be great.

The issue with changing rooms (if you were previously banned) has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

We hope you continue to enjoy using Chat!

As many of you have noticed, there is an issue with changing rooms. We’ve posted this to the faq at

NOTICE: Some users may receive a “Ban” messaging when switching sections. We are working to resolve this issue. You may chat by remaining in the first room you entered. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

We’re working to resolve this now and I will post again here once room switching is restored for all.

Sorry for the multiple comments, but I can’t change sections at all now without getting the banned message.

(By the ‘room’, I mean the Section. Section 7 is the only one I cannot get in.)

I think there is still a bug in the MLB Chat. I’m able to get into the Chat now, but the room I was originally banned in still gives me the message that I have been banned.

— Update —
Starting with tonight’s games, you’ll all be able to get back into chat. If somebody is sending inappropriate messages, use the Ignore option and you won’t see any more messages from that person in the room. Thank you for your patience as we made this update.

I was banned last night! For nothing. When do i get me account reinstated. If i could be tonight i would apprecait it

I did not say anything wrong on there either. You guys had better fix this thing. This is also my first day on the chat. This is unfair.

I’m quitting too

Same with me today. I was just in the Reds chat room and I went to another section and they said that I was banned. This is wrong and inappropriate. There is one person who reported the entire section. his screen name is wangrocks. He should be totally banned from MLB.COM

why do ppl not like commentsthatare truthful i said nothing wrong and i’m getting kicked off talking animatedly about my sport while guys are posing as females and leaving dum uninquisitive ques. and remarks whats up with that and I’M getting BANNED

i got banned for nothing too everyone in that phillies chat room was getting banned. now i cant even go on the chat faeutere im quitting this thing

I was just banned for no reason. I left a section and went to another and then i was banned.

It seems that abuse of the abuse reporting system has been even more rampant than anticipated. We are in the process of adjusting the system to rely more on voluntary ignoring and less on users flagging each other as abusive. If somebody is spamming or chatting irresponsibly, click their name in the crowd and select Ignore. From then on, you won’t see their messages anymore even if they keep typing.

Once we make the update, you’ll all be able to get back into the chat. Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that those of you using chat as we intended it don’t have any further disruptions. Thank you for your patience as we sort this out.

So I updated the blog for the first time in 3 or 4 months today. Check it out. Maybe I’ll have the comeback blog of the year. (Not so much but oh well.)

Nowhere in the FAQ or terms of use is the “probationary period” defined. How long is it, and what exactly do you intend to do about the rampant injustice and apparent abject failure of the existing self-moderation system? There should be universal amnesty for all those who have suffered guilt by accusation and summary execution at the hands of an invisible, automated kangaroo court.

We, the Victimized, would very much appreciate a forthright response from MLB concerning how it intends to rectify this gross miscarriage of communication!

I’d like to be reinstated too. After reading how this is happening to many others also, you should look into the report idea. Plus cursing is already censored by the program.

By the way, How long is the probationary period?

I feel I have been inappropriately banned from chat. Some people just report people for no reason. This should be looked into.

i didnt do anything!!! i wanna chat again i was banned because people report me cause im a yankee fan!! wheres the justice!!?? lol please considerate these comments i see a lot of others have the same outlook. thank u

In case yall haven’t figured it out, It seems like “Admin” isn’t actually a person. Whenever you warn someone “Admin” sends em a message saying they’ve been warned. People are getting banned because peeps can’t play nice

I got several warnings from Admin that some activity I was doing was going to ban me. It would be nice to know what I did. I expressed that to the admin chat window several times and did not get an answer. I see there is a lot of people complaining about being banned for nothing already. I truly believe that this should be an easy fix. I like the new format. Just please don’t ban me🙂 for nothing.

I was banned and i didn’t even say anything. I got a phone call and didn’t log out. Next thing i know i am banned! This needs to be regulated better! Don’t know that i will use again.

for some reason i was banned, and i have no clue why, if i could get reinstated that would be great.

I was banned for no reason. I was just talking and I just got banned. There should be a box to enter what the person did to get banned. This is stupid. Unban me!

Oh,and some other people were saying “You can **** my c ock, and they get off the hook =\

Ok,I dont even know what I did. I was sitting in the Boston chat watching other fans chat, when some Yankee fans come in and about 2 minutes later, I get banned. I get banned in a Red Sox/D-Rays chat with yankee fans in it. It dosent make sense

i was kicked out for saying yankees ***** but others say it and they don’t get kicked out.

I was bannded for no reason they just said others had be saring and i was not doing any thing bad so i would like to know why i was banned

i was banned for no reason. i did not curse or spam or anything. i carried on conversation about the mets, my favorite team and somehow got banned. not cool.

The chat is just fine… Except for the Rampant banning for no aparent reason and the fans of the other team reporting the fans of the other team for no reason.

I dont even know if I was banned by accident or if a bunch of Braves fans reported me for being a Met fan!

I was chatting just fine… Untill I tried to join another section… It popped up a window saying I was “Banned”. I didnt do anything to get banned, was chatting just fine.

I didn’t curse or swear. THEY BANNED ME FOR NOTHING! These moderators really got to get there acto together

i was also banned whilst being in the phillies – rockies chat, i was baned very pretty much nothing i never swore or cursed at anyone and i never said anything out of context to anyone to upset them, i shall also be resigning my subscription if these things are not sorted out in future

i have a complaint against mlb chat room, i was banned. i dont know why? i’m a dodgers fan from mexico n this is the only way to keep me in touch with dodgers fan n talk about baseball because here soccer rules n ilove baseball. i didnt do something wrong, people got mad becuse i got into phillis game chat room. i just said dodgers rules, lets go dodgers n giants *****, phillies ****. i want to know how long i’m gonna stay in probation. it was unfair. i have a subscription on

This place owes everyone an appolgy

I want to be reinstated too or im quiting

Thats how i got banned and im mad. I hate this new chat now and MLB.

This MLB Chat is not a bad concept but there are a few things you guys have to figure out or fix. First I was baned for doing nothing. I was warned for not following Chat rules quite a few times but in reality I did absolutely nothing even close to anything bad, and then the next message I got from the Admin was that I was Banned. This is completely wrong and I want my status reinstated. Second having a chat room like this is going to create heated conversation about each other because you have fans from both teams that are playing each other in the same chat room. I dont mind having other people call me or my team names or cursing in the Chat Rooms because there are fans from both teams in the same Room, but you can ban people for it. If you want it clean you should have kept him the way it use to be with a Room for each team and not each game. Like I said, I kind loke it the new way but there are a few things you guys have to straighten out.

I haven’t even cursed at all. I’m usually pretty mature, and I don’t repeat messages or anything. People are just reporting each other for fun, which pretty much makes the moderation useless. They should probably take logs of active rooms and review first before taking action. Of course, they do emphasize that we should ‘ban abusers by ourselves’. I don’t think it’ll work.

People are hating you and getting us banned. MODRATORS where are you?

i got banned for saying kyle kendrick why?

I was banned for nothing too! I was banned for cursing which i wasn’t/ Im mad at MLB. They owe all of us an appolgy

I have just been banned for no absolute reason whatsoever. The reporting shouldn’t be automatic, because people are just reporting each other because they’re fans of the opposition. Being a Mets fan, while I was just lounging in the Phillies game, I was warned several times for what I think was nothing. I enjoy the chat function, but I can’t even use it now.

When I first saw the “report” feature, I thought it was great and I have used it on a couple people who were spamming. However others are now abusing this feature and reporting random people in the chatroom for no reason at all. Someone in authority needs to be watching these chatrooms to see who’s doing it and boot THEM off instead.

This place owes me an appolgy


im mad other this

This chat is completely useless, because we all know that the only form of discussion we’re going to have is fans of other teams coming into chats with nothing better to do (or say) than to say xxxxxx team *****. I wonder who thought this was a great idea and really figured there would be no problem along those lines.

I was banned for nothing! I was not cursing or doing anything bad. People kept warning me for nothing. This site owns me a appolgy.

Yes, the Ignore button is probably the fastest, easiest way to deal with an inappropriate user. As soon as you ignore that user, you won’t see any more messages from him/her in that room.

The Ignore button is very useful – I was part a group of sensible group of users when we atrted to get spammed – we all synched up our ignores – its amazing how quickly spammmers move on when no one listens. Admittedly it just moves the problem on!

You are right that there will always be people who see a chat room as a forum for spamming, cursing, or other inappropriate behavior. Our approach with this chat is that it will be self-moderated by its users. To report abuse, click on another user’s name in the crowd/list and select the option to “Report User”. If somebody is reported by enough other people, they will be banned from the room. If they get banned from enough rooms, they’ll be kept out of chat for a probationary period. Hopefully the vast majority of people will use chat responsibly.

More details on this and other features of chat are in the FAQ at

A moderation technique is definetly going to be needed. If something is not done soon spamming will become very prevelant. It is always a hard thing to regulate, but hopefully it does not get out of hand. Other than that I think it is very fun to chat with other fans of baseball and of the specific game going on.

I would like to know how you plan on implementing any kind of moderation policy

would you A) have people checking in to the various game rooms to make sure no one is spamming or being excessively abusive or B) have a complaint line for people to respond to

or would there be some other policy (if one exists at all)

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