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Congratulations to longtime Cubs MLBlogger Paul Dzien, the proprietor of Crawly’s Cubs. He just became the latest in a long and growing line of MLBloggers who also have bylines! Above is the screenshot of the current panel on the mediawall. No. 2 panel placement, especially in September with the Cubs on top, is pretty heady stuff. Paul reviewed the Cubs Legends DVD set, as other MLBloggers have done for various DVDs sent to me by MLB Productions on the floor above us here at our Manhattan HQ. (Asking for more!) Paul’s tagline links to his MLBlog. It’s also prominent on MLB Productions‘ site, which is a part of (you can find Zoe Rice’s Mets DVD article and John Nemo’s Twins DVD article prominently displayed at the top there, too). Just another example of what could happen if you subscribe to MLBlogs; scroll down to see all the other reviews. For those who have asked, we are going to be aggregating all of them on the MLB Productions index page at so stay tuned for that to appear.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of new high profile Red Sox blogs soon,
so a warning in advance to all you Yankee bloggers. That’s because one
of the perks of being a candidate for President of Red Sox Nation
is getting your own candidate MLBlog. There already are a handful of
these out there. You’ll see one for all of the 10 finalists once those
are named. Looking forward to seeing if Peter Gammons (in the top 25)
makes the top 10 so he’d become an MLBlogger. Actually there are 26
now, if you include Big Pupi, a dog. Personally, I’m hoping Big Pupi
makes it to the top 10 (I think it will happen based on all the love)
so we can have a dog blogging here. Voting ends Sunday to narrow it down to 10.

I don’t know if any active player can tell a better story than CJ Wilson.

I wrote this story for about golden opportunities, and frankly I’m blown away by how many World Series contest prizes there are around our world at BAM. Everywhere you look. It means you have a lot more opportunity to win some big things, and more good blog fodder on entering those!

Congrats to our friend and fellow MLBlogger Alyssa Milano for landing the new role on NBC’s "My Name Is Earl." The attention that Alyssa has brought to MLBlogs because of touch ’em all (cited as one of the best "celebrity blogs" by Entertainment Weekly) has been very appreciated, and it just funnels that much more views to others here as we continue to grow this community.

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Welcome to Jessica Robicheaux and her new MLBlog The Cold, Hard Truth. Jessica interned on the Astros beat this summer alongside one of the best baseball beat writers in the business, our own Alyson Footer, and now she has a new way to share her thoughts going forward. We wish her luck in her career and welcome her to the MLBlogosphere.

Everyone get ready for an insane finish to this magical 2007 season. It will already be unmatched as the Year of the Milestone, chock full of (three) no-hitters and guaranteed Hall of Fame plateaus. It’s going to be incredible at the end of this month, and maybe this is the year we get hit with a Monday tiebreaker or two. I was glazed over today by the coin-tossing for scenarios. I still haven’t written off the Rockies, who you might remember that I picked to be in the World Series when I wrote the article on Opening Day about all the preseason prognostications at the magazine stand. They are hanging in there and now they have a big home series against the Pads.

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Red Sox details 10-30-07
Written by Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

I wrote a letter to the Red Sox blog yesterday. The response has been out standing. I even appreciate the people that complained about my “whining”. Veterans gave our lives just so people that do not care about others can live a great life here in the U. S. For your information I was not “whining” I asked base ball if they would help a disabled veteran make the facts of this case known. I silently volunteered helping others since I returned in 1974 from the Vietnam Conflict. I volunteer out of respect for those veterans that never returned from our many conflicts and wars. I volunteer thousands of hours a year to make life better for others. The news has censored the truth that my Veterans medical care has been stopped for political self gain. This is an illegal act. I am a no-body. I received three injuries while serving. Two came during separate combat support missions. I can not forget my time over there, you see I have flash backs of my first kill every day. I am not whining. I am proud of my actions as a United States Marine. What I did may not have been morally correct but I did it for my country. (YOU)

In 1999 a family from Madbury NH called me out of the “blue”. They had read a letter to the editor that I wrote. The Madbury selectmen use government powers to force families that the selectmen do not like out of their town. I as a America citizen could not allow this so I volunteered to help this family. Judge Peter Fauver violated the law to protect these selectmen. The NH Supreme Court refused to hear a case that questioned the integrity of the courts. The NH governor used the state police to harass my family at work and home. I got arrested under the Patriot Act as a terrorist. I lost my freedom for 6 months before the bogus charges were dropped. NH Congress woman Shea-Porter did not like a letter to the editor so she filed a false police complaint against me. I was arrested until the complaint was determined to be false. The Dover and Lee NH police refuse to allow me to file a complaint against anyone. She then had a VA Dr file a commitment order with out merit to take my freedom. Now the NH VA director Levenston stops my VA medical for injuries received in the line of duty. I volunteer to help American citizens and judges and government officials use medical care to stop my volunteer help. From President Bush down to the lowest political official all refuse to help me. News Papers censor the truth. Where do I go.

Base ball as well as those that say I am a “whinier” have your freedom because our children risked their lives to become Veterans. Is it so much that I ask base ball to just ask publicly why the State of New Hampshire has allowed these criminal acts to be criminally inflicted on a disabled veteran. The State of NH is wrong for what they are doing and I am Proud to stand up to my death to help this Madbury NH family. This is why I wrote the Red Sox blog letter.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

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