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Thanks to Sid McHenry for his article that we have just put in front of probably one of the largest audiences on the Internet. It’s a celebration of the great baseball cap tradition, and it is the centerpiece of our Cap Off Your Summer Sale promo panel that is on the mediawall of as well as up to 30 club homepages (depending on room/initiatives with each club). Sid can tell you all about it…feel free to leave him lots of comments. We notice that our friend Coral got some nice linkage from that article as well. It’s a nice clip for Sid’s resume, and just imagine what kind of traffic his article is getting when considering a weekday during the pennant races on and our network of club sites. I think there’s a good chance that it’s more eyeballs than any U.S. newspaper will get today. This is an extension in our ongoing DVD review project involving MLBloggers, as noted in previous posts here…and another example of what you might stumble across with a subscription to MLBlogs. You can click around on various club sites and find it, and here’s just one example currently on the Dodgers’ homepage. I remember when people use to criticize baseball for "not marketing itself" effectively. Well, fans are now marketing baseball. What could be better than that? I think fans listen to other fans. Just go to a ballpark and you can tell.


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