DVD Review update


Thanks to Carl Shimkin (aka Carl the Cabbie) for being the latest MLBlogger to get an MLB.com byline. His review of the 1977 Yankees DVD Set is now a panel on Yankees.com and will be considered for the same treatment on MLB.com the rest of this week.

Just last week, Brewers MLBlogger Steve Dempsey saw his review of the unbreakable records DVD (below) posted in our Barry Bonds/756 special area for many millions of viewers.

Here is the running list of this ongoing campaign we’ve started to turn MLBloggers into MLB.com writers, another pretty cool reason to have an MLBlog. More DVDs will be coming my way from upstairs at MLB Productions, and then I’ll put them up for grabs here.

Yankees 1977 World Series Collector’s Edition Set | Buy

Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Feats | Buy

Cal Ripken Jr./Legends Collector’s Edition | Buy

Twins 1987 World Series Collector’s Edition Set | Buy

Mets 2006 Team DVD | Buy

Beisbol: The Latin Game | Buy

1 Comment

This is quite a good idea. At minimal cost, MLB not only gets passionate reviews for great products, but it also gives yet another perquisite to those who choose to blog at MLBlogs.com

Sure, you can blog basically anywhere on the internet, with scores of sites dedicated to hosting the ramblings of anybody who wants to keep a blog. But MLBlogs not only allows the exposure to thousands of people with similar interests, it does things like this to incorporate the willing blogger into the MLB community.

Well worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

-Sid McHenry


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